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  Document Details for - ED441827

Click for Shopping Basket Author: Russell, Tom
Title: Introducing Preservice Teachers to Teacher Research.

Abstract:   This paper examines the impact of a compulsory action research project requirement on a teacher education program restructured to provide preservice teacher candidates with an early extended practicum. Thirteen students doing preservice teaching in two high schools in Ontario, Canada, participated. Findings from the action research projects show that preservice teacher candidates can be introduced to teacher research in ways that are likely to affect their professional judgment as their careers unfold. Introducing teacher research is enhanced by an extended period of teaching practice (8 weeks or more) in one school. Introducing teacher research is also enhanced by a strong introduction to and support for an action research project. The introduction to teacher research is also enhanced by strong support for the transition from learning by being told to learning from personal experience. (SLD)

Clearinghouse:   TM030862
Publication Date:   00
Descriptive Note:   15p.; Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (New Orleans, LA, April 24-28, 2000).

Availability:   For full text: ar/aera2000/.
Language:  English;
Publication Type:  143; 150

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Level: 1    Pages: 15    Fiche: 1    
ERIC Issue:   NOV 00
Geographical Source:  Canada; Ontario

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