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Computer Based Instruction in Saudi Education: A Survey of Commercially Produced Software.

Al-Saleh, Bader A.; Al-Debassi, Saleh M.

Abstract: This study addressed the status quo of instructional software produced by national Saudi Arabian software companies as well as the utilization of commercially produced software at selected 1-12 private schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Descriptive data from a survey of general managers of four major software producers are reported, as well as from principals of selected private schools. Percentages and frequencies were used for data analysis. Results were as follows: enrichment, computer literacy, and individualized instruction are major uses of instructional software; available software support most elementary and secondary grade levels and subject matters; individual students and private schools are the major target audience for instructional software; formative evaluation is not present in the development process; annual computer exhibits are the major information source about available software; and certain perceived barriers challenge the expansion of computer based instruction in Saudi education. The paper includes recommendations to enhance the status quo of software production and utilization. (Contains 14 references.) (Author/AEF)

Title: Computer Based Instruction in Saudi Education: A Survey of Commercially Produced Software.
Author: Al-Saleh, Bader A.; Al-Debassi, Saleh M.
Note: Paper presented at the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) International Convention (22nd, Long Beach, CA, February 16-20, 2000).
Page Length: 16
Publication Year: 2000
Document Type: Research Report (143)
Target Audience: Administrators and Practitioners
ERIC Identifier: ED440620
Clearinghouse Identifier: IR019979
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Descriptors: * Computer Assisted Instruction; * Computer Software; * Computer Uses in Education; Elementary Secondary Education; Foreign Countries; Instructional Materials; Nonprint Media

Identifiers: Saudi Arabia