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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Mashael Abdallah Naser Al-Ragehi

Date and Place of Birth: Al-Riyadh 1397 AH 

College of applied Studies and Community Servicies

Department of Curriculum and instruction

Major: Learning Techniques

Job Title: Teaching Assistant

Date of Employment: 1/7/1430 AH

Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Science and Education Major: Chemistry

I passed the Master preparation Examination in Educational Technology

Current Courses: Teaching and communication Skills

Number of Experience Years before the current job: from 1421 AH to 1430 AH as a Teaching Assistant in college of Education – Princess Nora University.

 Training Courses:

·        Website Design Course in New Horizon Center for three months.

·        English Language Course in Al-Erteqaa College for two Months.

·        English Language Training in New Horizon Center for one month.


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