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Department of ORL

College of Medicine, King Saud University

King Abdulaziz University Hospital

P.O. Box 245, Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia

Mobile # 0505256637 or 0555256637

Fax # 4775748

Home # 4683783




Date of Birth:         2 April 1956

Place of Birth:                  Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia

          Status:                            Married

          No. of Children:      5

          Religion:                Islam

          Current Post:                   Professor and Consultant in

                                      Rhinology and Rhinoplasty

                                      ENT Department, King Abdulaziz University Hospital

                                      College of Medicine, King Saud University



*        College of Medicine, Cairo Univ                      1973 - 1980

          AlKasser Al Ain, Cairo Egypt                                        M.B.B.S  Undergraduate   


*        Postgraduate                                                                                       

          Full Fellow Asian International College of Cosmetic Surgery,

Cambridge, England                                                     2004


American Fellowship in Facial Plactic

OHS University, Portland, Oregon, USA                        2000


Diploma with Honour in Rhinology and Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Cambridge, England                                                     1998


George August University,

Gottingen West Germany                                             1985 - 1989


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*        Internship                                                                                

Al Kasser, Al-Ain and Abo Riesh Hospital

            Cairo, Egypt                                                                 1981-1982

            During my internship I did the Paediatrician ENT 86 Tonsillectomy, 2 Post

Oesophageal corrosive dilation under supervision and assessment o some major



Rotating Intern, Cairo University Hospitals                  1982


*        Clinical Training

          1982 -1985                 - ORL Resident as Senior House Officer, KAUH, Riyadh, KSA


            1985 – 1989                - Resident Training Program at the University of George

                                                   August Gottingen, ORL Department, Gottingen, West



            1989 – 1991                - Assistant Professor

                                                   Senior Registrar (Teaching Staff)

                                                   ENT Department, King Saud University


            1991 – 1995                - Assistant Professor/Consultant

                                                   ENT Department, KAUH

                                                   King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA


            1995 – 2000                - Associate Professor/Consultant

                                                   ENT Department, KAUH

                                                   King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA


            2000                            - Full University Professor and Consultant in

                                                   Rhinology and Rhinoplasty

                                                   King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA


            2000 – 2001                - One Year Sabbatical Leave

                                                   Between King Saud University Hospitals and Oregon

                                                   Health Sciences University (Portland, Oregon, USA)

                           Under supervision of Prof. Ted Cook and research

                           project was carried titled: 'THE EFFECT OF STANDARD




*        Teaching Training:

            *          Teaching undergraduate medical students at King Saud University,

                   Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since 1985

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·                     Teaching undergraduate dental students at King Saud University, Riyadh Saudi Arabia since 1989

·                     Teaching undergraduate medical students in George August University Gottingen, West Germany from 1985 – 1989

·                     Teaching postgraduate residents:

§  King Saud University Fellowship in ORL since 1989

§  King Saud University in ORL since 1989

§  King Saud University Diploma, Master and Fellowship Programmes in Primary Care 1989

§  Saudi Board Examination: For Saudi Council for Health Specialties (First Part and Final Board Exam: once a year

·                     Teaching General Practitioner, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi




·                     Part Timer Consultant

a)             Elite Medical and Surgical Centre                                 – 2001

b)            Specialized Medical Centre Hospital                            - 2001

c)             Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Med. Centre                             1999 – 2001

d)            Al Hamadi Hospital                                                      1991 – 1999

e)             Social Insurance Hospital                                            - 1996


·                     ADMINISTRATIVE

a)         Journal Club Organizer                                     1410 – 1424

b)         Doctor In-Charge and Clinic Coordinator                    1412 – 1417

c)         Undergraduate Tutor for Medical/Dental Students      1412- 1417

d)         Head Organizer of the Equipment

            needs of the department                                              1412

e)         Acting Head, Dept. of ORL KAUH                                 1417

f)          College of Medicine Research Centre Representative   1417

g)         Member of Research Committee                                  1417

h)         Member of Mortality and Morbidity                              1998

i)          Member of Discipline Committee                                1998   

j)          Supervisor of Audiology and Speech

            Pathology Unit                                                             1999 – 2001

k)            Continues Medical Education and

Follow-up Coordinator                                                1999 – 2001

                        l)          Chairman of Exam Committee for Postgraduate          2001

                        m)        Chairman of Annual International

                                    Rhinoplasty Course                                                      2002

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1. National Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Committee till present                  1411

2. Prevention and Treatment of Passive Smoking Committee till present                    1412

3. Organizing Committee of the Asian-Pacific Committee on Deafness till present    1992

4. German Society of ENT Disease and Head and Neck Surgery till present                 1989

5. Saudi Society of ENT Disease and Head and Neck Surgery till present                    1989

6. Full member of the society of Minimally Invasive Therapy till present                    1993

7. European Rhinologic Society, till present                                                                 1993

8. American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) till present  1995

9. American Rhinologic Society                                                                                   1993

10. American Academy of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery Inc                     1996

11. American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Inc. (AAFPRS      1996





1. Primary Course for FRCS (Fellowship of the Royal College for Surgeons in KKUH

01.02.1983 to 21.05.83

2. 3 German Language Courses, German Embassy,  Riyadh

01.1.1984 to 01.6.1984

3. Attended German Language,Courses in Goethe Institute in Gottingen in West Germany

03.06.1985 to 26.01.1986

4. Radio Therapy Course Protection under Radiology Dept. Goettingen University in Germany

08.03.1986 to 10.07.1986

5. 21 ENT Fortbnildungs Seminar with Practice Course, Erlanger Germany

14.03.1987 to 15.03.1987

6. Operation Course in Micro Surgery of Ear, Facial Nerves and Parotid Gland, Tubinger, Germany

October 1987

7. Micro Anatomy Course for ENT Doctors, Wuerzburg, West Germany

15 – 17.10.1987

8. Operation Course (open Septo-Rhinoplasty Surgery, Munster, West Germany

20 – 21.11.1987

9. Practical Course in Audiology Technician in Hannover


10.Hearing Aid Course

28 – 30.10.1988

11. 31st Course in Micro Surgery in Otology and Otoneurology, Bordeaux, France

2 – 7.7.1990

12. Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course and Workshop, Jakarta, Indonesia

2-3 July 1992

13. Otology Update Course, President of House Ear Institute, Long Angeles, USA

13th May 1993

14. 11th International Course in Functional Corrective Nasal Surgery, Utrecht, Netherlands

29.08.1993 to 03.09.1993

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15. The Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course at the Prince 16. Wales Hospital under the Auspices of the Department of Surgery, Division of Otorhinolaryngoly, The Chinese University of Hongkong

13-15 April 1994

17. 5th International Symposium on Cochlear Implants, Surgical Workshop and 1st International Auditory Brainstem Satellite Symposium, Freiburg, Germany

24-26 June 1994

18. 1st International Practical Teaching Course in Septo-Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty in Mayer, Wiener Neustadt, Austria

2-5 October 1994

19. Current Trends in Rhinology Course, University of Chiangmai,Thailand, The Fourth Course in Rhinology Update Part I

20-22 November 1994

20. SeptoRhinoplasty and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course ENT Department, Siriraj Hospital Huizing, Bangkok, Thailand, Bellusi, Clement, Passali

24-26 November 1994

21. Current Trends in the Management of Heating Loss Tinnitu and Vertigo Workshop, Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines

3-4 December 1994

22. Sixth International Pediatric Sinus Endoscopic Course – One Children's Place – St. Louis Children's Hospital- Washington, University in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

15-17 June 1995

23. VII International Course Rhinoplasty Symposium Course, The University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas

2-4 March 1996

24. 11th International Surgical Workshop, Functional and Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose, Endoscopic Surgery of PNS, Snoring, Uvulopalato Pharyngoplasty, Castelsan Pietro Treme, Balogna Intaly

15-25 April 1996

25. Advances in Asethetic Plastic Surgery: The cutting Edge, The Ultimate Plastic Surgery Symposium of the Decade, Waldorf, Astoria Hotel, New York City, USA

1-5 October 1996

26. The 16th Annual Dallas Rhinopalsty Symposium and Course, Dallas, Texas, USA

4-6 March 1999

27. The 3rd Annual Dallas Aesthetic Surgery Symposium and Course, Dallas, Texas, USA

7-9 March 1999

28. 44th Annual Comprehensive Sinus Surgery at the Mount Sinae Medical Centre, Madison Avenue at 100th Street, New York, New York, USA

15-19 March 1999

29. The Sixteenth Cleveland International Hands-On Course on Lasers in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery North Riding Infirmary, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, UK

14-17 October 1999

30. 4th International Laser Course Otorhinolaryngology, Head, and Neck Surgery, Berlin, Germany

3-6 November 1999



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1. 8th Saudi Medical Conference, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


2. Symposium on the Recent Advances in Otology, Armed Forces Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

21-22 April 1985

3. Symposium on Salivary Gland Diseases, Gottingen, Germany

December 1985

4. Microlaryngoscopy and Speech Problems Symposium, Essen, West Germany

April 1986

5. 62 Lahresversammlung Deutsche Gesellschaft Fuer Hasl-Hasen- Ohsen Heilkunde Koph and Hals-Chirugie, Aachem, Germany

62 Annual General Meeting Congress of the German Society of ENT Diseases, Head and Neck in Aachem, Germany


6. 7th Asia-Oceana Congress of Otolaryngological Societies Hongkong,

Speaker and Presented 2 papers as follows:

1. The Effect of Birth Weight on Risk of Hearing Impairment Among Saudi Children in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2. The Effect of Hearing and Speech Disorders Among Siblings and Family members on the Risk of Hearing Impairment


7. 1st China Medical Congress of Otorhinolaryngology Societies, Beijing, China


8. Medical Conference at the College of Medicine, King Saud University, King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


9. Moderator of the First Scientific Meeting of the Saudi Otorhinolaryngology Society, College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


10. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesell Shaft Fuer Saprach-und Stimmheikunde in Garmish-Partenkirchen Leiting (Anniversary of Geman Society for Speech and Vocal Medicine in Garmisch Partenkirchen


11. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesell-Shaft Fuer Phoniatrie und Padaudiologie in Garmish-Partenkirchen (Germany) Anniversary of German Society for Phonation- Satmung Disorder D. Motor Articulations, to Switch on Deglutition Diorder


12. Jahresvesammlung Kongress der Deutscher Gesekkscgaft fyer Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Kopf-und Hals_Chirugie in Garmish-Partenkirchen (Germany) 63 Annual General Meeting Congress of the German Society for E.N.T Disease, Head and Neck Surgery in Garmish- Partenkirchen Germany

30.5.1992 – 3.6.1992

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13. 2nd congress of the European Federation o the Oto-Rhino Laryngological Societies, The New Frontiers of Oto-Rhino Laryngology in Europe. Sorrento 6-10 June 1992, Naples Italy


14. VII International Symposium on the Facial Nerve Cologne, Germany


15. Regeneration, Reinnervation, Glia and Schwann Cells, Growth Factors and Oncogenes Inflammation, Intoxication, Immunoloyg, Viral Infections, Lyme Disease, Botulinus Toxin Diagnostics, Pharmacotherapy, Surgery


16. 1st International Skull Base Congress Under the Patronage of the International Skull Base Soceiteis Around the World, Hannover, Germany


17. 5th Asean Otorhinolaryngological Head and Neck Congress in Jakarta, Indonesia. Patronized by International Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies (IFOS)

Speaker and Presented 2 papers entitled:

1. The effect of Relevant Demographic Factors on the Risk of Hearing Impairment

2. Rhinolith Case Report and Review of the Literature

28.6.1992 – 1.7.1992

18. Satellite Symposium on Cochlear Implant held in Jakarta by the Organizing Committee of the 5th Asean Otorhinolaryngological Head and Neck Congress and Indonesian Federation for the Welfare of the Deal

1 July 1992

19. 3rd Asean Pacific Congress on Deafness in Pattaya Ambassador City Hotel, Jomtien, Thailand

Speaker and presented 2 papers entitled:

1. Consanguinity and Hereditary Hearing Impairment Among Saudi Population

2, Hearing Impairment Among Children with Past History of Problems During Infancy


20. XVIth International Annual Ain Shams Meidcal Congress Infection and Disease, Cairo International Conference, Nasr City, Cairo Egypt

13-16 Shawwal 1413

21. XV Wolrd Congress of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey

Speaker and present 2 papers entitled:

1. Hearing Impairment Among Children with Past History of Problems During Infancy

2. Nasopharryngeal Cyst: Report of 3 Cases with Review of the Literature

30.12.1413 – 05.01.1414

22. XII International Symposium on Infection and Allergy of the Nose, Seoul, Korea

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Speaker and present 1 paper

1. Aspergillosis of the Sinonasal Tract


23. First ORL Seminar on Sinonasa Tract Mycosis in KAUH

9 December 1993 (26 JT 1414

24. First Annula Meeting of Allergy and Immunology in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

10-12 January 1994

25. The 2nd International Scientific Congress of the Saudi Otolaryngology Society Rhinology 1994 at Researc and Postgraduate Studies Centre, King Fahad Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

18-20 January 1994

26. First Gulf Co-Operation Council International Congress in Oto-Rhino Laryngology, Muscat Oman

24-27 January 1994

27. The Fourth International Academic Conference on Immunobiology in Otology Rhinology and Laryngology, Oita, Japan

Speaker and present 1 paper

1. The Pattern and Management of Allergic Rhinitis in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4-6 April 1994

28. The VIth International Congress of Congress of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Poster presenter: Septoplasty in Children

29 May – 1 June 1994

29. The XV Congress of European Rhinologic Society and XIII International Symposium on Infection and Allergy of the Nose, Copenhagen, Denmark

Speaker and present 1 paper entitled:

1. Surgical Technique of the Difficult Nose

19-23 June 1994

30. The 5th International Symposium on Cochlear Implants, Surgical Workshop and International Auditory Brain Stem Satellite Symposium, Freiburg Germany

24-26 June 1994

31. XV International Congress of Allergology and Clinical Immunology Annual: The European Academy of Allergology and Immunology, Stockholm, Sweden

27 June – 1 July 1994

32. XVI Congress of the European Rhinologic Society, XV ISIAN, VII Congress of the International Rhinologic Society, Ghent, Belgium

8-12 September 1996

33. The 100th Annual Meeating of the American Academy of otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery Inc, Washington, D.C

29 Sept. – 2 October 1996

34. The 7th ORL Seminar on Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

26 September 1996

35. World Symposium on Cosmetic

- Co-chairperson in the Executive Committee, Shangrila Edsa Plaza Hotel

- Faculty for Live Surgical Demonstration for Open Rhinoplasty in Quezon City Medical Centre, Manila, Philippines

Cora          Page 8    6/1/2008 CVBafaqeeh

Speaker and present 2 papers entitled:

1. Open Approach for Rhinopalsty

2. The expected results and possible complications are presented to illustrate the importance of patients election, precise technical execution, and extended post operative care.

6-9 February 1997

36. The 8th ORL Seminar on Vertigo, KAUH, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

1 May 1997

37. The ERS Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society, Berlin, Germany

20-24 Sept 1997

38. The Sevent International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery, Orlando, Fl, USA

16-20 June 1998

39. 1st World Congress on Cosmetic Surgery with Live Surgical Demonstration, Edsa Shangrila Hotel, Manila Quezon City, Medical Centre, Manila Philippines

Speaker and present 1 paper entitled:

1. Simultaneous Open Rhinoplasty and Alar Base Excision Blood Supply of the Nasal Tip and Columellar Skin

25-27 February 2000

40.18th Congress of European Rhinologic Society, Barcelona, Spain

25-29 June 2000

41. The World Congress on Lung Health and 10th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society, Florence, Italy

3 September 2000

42. The Nose 2000 and Beyond: IX Woorld Congress of Rhinology, Presented by the International Rhinologic Society with the American Rhinologic Society and The Mayo Clinic, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, D.C. USA

Speaker and present 1 paper entitled:

1. Simultaneous Open Rhinoplasty and Alar Base Excision Blood Supply of the Nasal Tip and Columellar Skin

20-23 September 2000

43. American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery AAO-HNSF Annual Meeting and Oto Expo, Washington, D.C. USA

24-27 September 2000

44. The 4th International Conference of Sadui ORL society Kasser AlThakafah, Diplomatic Wuarter, Riyadh, KSA (Speaker)

17-19 October 2000

45. International Instructional Maste Class Exploring Cahllenging Territories in Endonasal Endoscopic Microsurgery, Rhinoplasty, Facial Aesthetic Surgery, Milan, Italy

25-31 March 2001

46. The 17th ORL Seminar on Paediatric Airway, Riyadh, KSA

27 December 2001

47. The 3rd Endoscopic Nose and Sinus Surgery Course, Al-Mosadia ENT Specialist Centre, King Fahad Hospital, Jeddah, KSA (Speaker)

15-16 January 2002

48. The 11th National Symposium on ORL Diseases, King Fahad Military Medical Complex, KSA

3-4 April 2002

49. 8th International Symposium ""The Facial Plastic Surgery, New York, USA

1-2 May 2002

50. 19th Congress of European Rhinologic Society Ulm, Germany


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51. Meeting in San Diego California, USA

19-25 September 2002

52. The XVIIth World Congress of IFOS, Cairo, Egypt

28 Sept. 3 Oct. 2002

53. 1st Riyadh Comprehensive International Rhinoplasty Course and the 18th ORL Seminar in Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty, Riyadh, KSA

15-17 October 2002

54. The XIX ORL Seminar on Headache and Facial Pain, Riyadh, KSA

1 May 2003

55.Course 2003 in Otorhinolaryngology for the Saudi Board in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Riyadh, KSA

4 August 2003

56. Endoscopic Management of Epistaxis, Marriot Hotel, Riyadh, SA

2 September 2003

57. 5th International Saudi ORL H and N Surgery Conference King Fahad Military Medical Complex, Dhahran, SA

14-16 October 2003

58. The International Workshop on Corrective Nasal Surgery and the 9th National Scientific Meeting of Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeons of the Sultanate of Oman

Speaker and International Faculty to do live Surgery Demonstration, AlNada Hospital, Muscat Oman

17-20 February 2004

59. 4th World Congress on Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgery

Speaker and International Faculty, Manila, Philippines

26-29 February 2004

60. The XXI Seminar on Dysphagia in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

25 May 2004

61.20th Congress of the European Rhinologic Society and 23rd Congress of ISIAN, Istanbul, Turkey

18-25 June 2004

62. 1st International Congress on Advanced Cosmetic Surgery

Speaker and International Faculty

Received the Full Fellow of the International Asia College of Cosmetic Surgery during the congress, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

14-16 August 2004




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Cora          Page 10  6/1/2008 CV Bafaqeeh


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