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Personal Data:



Name: Mayssa Abdullah I. AL-ayadhi


E. Mail:



Academic status:


Bachelor Of Special Education - Learning difficulties - King Saud University- 2009

Grade : Excellent with Honors 





 Training and Participation :


·        Lecturer at the University of King Saud - Al Kharj


·        Volunteer at the Center for Special Needs - King Saud University : 29 / 12/1427

·        Attended a Seminar of Alert Motional ، Organize your time to achieve your goals for Dr. Yousif  Al-khatter .and Secret to be attractive leader for Abdulatif Al-Azazi .


·        Participate in the Festival of World Day of disability and the organization of the event: 23/11/1428


·        attend the session of the skills of academic excellence, Dr. / Yousef Al-Khater.


·        attend the seminar and thought patterns, our children how to prepare them for a successful marriage.


·        Participate in a ceremony at the School of Janadriyah hundred and sixty-eight primary and distribution of pressAbout it and during the period of field training in 2009




·        Book definitions of special education has been a lot of information that help in teaching people with special needs and the distribution of educational leaflets at the King Fahd. Under the chairmanship of Professor / magic Alkhcrmi


·         Explain some of the measures of special education





·        Hired by the management committees:

Quality Committee- Committee on Tests



·       Hobby & Avocation : 

·       Reading – Computer skills . Web browsing - Photography



·         Talents:

·        Fast typing – organized – accuracy Achievement




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