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  Selected Books in Museology


     Museums, Prejudice and Reframing of Difference

      Richard Sandell

      New Ed edition (2006)


     Museum Management and Marketing: 1

     Robert R. Janes, Richard Sandell

      New Ed edition (2006)


     Human Remains and Museum Practice

     Jack Lohman & Katheine Goodnow – eds(2006)


    Museum Revolutions: How Museums Change and Are     Changed

    Sheila Watson, Suzanne MacLeod, Simon Knell - eds

    1st edition (2007)


    Museums and Their Communities

    Sheila Watson

New Ed edition (2007)    


    Museums in the Material World

    Simon Knell 

    New Ed edition (2007)


   Museums and Education: Purpose, Pedagogy, Performance     

   Eilean Hooper Greenhill  (2007)


  Recoding the Museum: Digital Heritage and the       Technologies of Change                                                              

 Ross Parry

1st edition (2007)


Art Museum Libraries and Librarianship

Joan M. Benedetti – ed.(2007)


Theorizing Digital Cultural Heritage:

A Critical Discourse

Fiona Cameron & Sarah Kenderdine - eds



In Principle, in Practice: Musuems as Learning Institutions

John H. Folk, Lynn D. Dierking & Susan Foutz - eds(2007)


Irish Intellectuals and Aesthetics: The Making of a Modern Art Collection

Marta Herrero(2007)


The Manual of Museum Learning

Barry Lord (2007)


The Manual of Strategic Planning for Museums

Gail Dexter Lord & Kate Markert - eds(2007)


Creating Great Visitor Experiences: A Guidebook for Museums and Other Cultural Institutions: A Guidebook for Museums, Parks, Zoos, Gardens and Libraries

Stephanie Weaver - ed(2007)


Contemporary Art and the Museum: A Global Perspective

Peter Weibel & Andrea Buddensieg - eds(2007)   


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