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Published Articles:

Article on Museum (In Arabic) published in Student Magazine of the King Saud University, Riyadh 1980

Archaeology museums and cultural tourism, Al-Riyadh Newspaper, no.13101, 2004.

The Saudi Arabian museums: a culture, Ahwal Almarefa Magazine, no.42, 2007

Educational programs in the national museums – Riyadh – a recommendation guide to educational activities in the Museum 1998.


Unpublished Studies:

The Social Life of Saudi Arabian People (unpublished articles) 1984.

The Sharp Edge: A brief look at stone tools, Material Cultural Unit, James Cook, University 1986.

The Spearthrower: An examination of the collection of spearthrowers in the Material Cultural Unit, James Cook University 1986.

Museum Education: It's importance and it's role 1998.

Archaeology Museums in Saudi Arabia and Museum Education 1998.


Current Research Activities:

I am currently writing a Muselocgical Glossary (English – Arabic) expected to be ready for publication in 12 – 18 months. I am also working on a project entitled Guidelines for Disaster Management Planning: for museums in Saudi Arabia.


Studies under publication: 

Private Museums in Saudi Arabia: Their role and importance.

Museums and the contemporary visitor.  

An Analysis Study on the National Museum Visitors – Riyadh City.   

Museum in the Arab World: The understanding – a case study (Saudi Arabia). 

Archeological taxonomy and its importance.


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