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Name: Prof. Turki Fahad Alayyar

last Academic Qualification: Doctorate


Graduated from: Leicster University-British

Graduated In    :1994


General specialist: Media

Accurate specialist: Press


Work place : King Saud University(K.S.U)

Academic Degree: Assistant professor


Foreign language: English

Occupation: Professor





  1. Editor in University letter( Rasalat Al-Jameah) weekly News paper, From (1970-1981) - K.S.A.
  2. Editor in Daily Al-Riyadh news paper,(1980-1983)
  3. Televisor in K.S.U Television, Center Riyadh
  4. Secretary for council of media Department.
  5. Coordinator (Den) of media department (1417-1419)
  6. Major of Cultural Committee for five years alternating, in department of literature- K.S.U.
  7. Part-time informational counselor for International Al-Zayed Group. Supervisor for editing Al Waseet annunciation bulletin(1417-1418)
  8. part-time Informational counselor for King Abad Al-Aziz City of Technology and Information(1417-1419)
  9. Part-Time counselor for Ministry of water and electricity from 1427 until now.
  10. Supervisor for administration and editing K.S.U (Rassalt Al-Jameah) News Paper (1424-1427).
  11. General supervisor of administration of public relation and media in K.S.U, 1427.
  12. General Advisor of Administration of public and media in Art College from 1428 until now.
  13. General Advisor of Administration of public In Prince Salman Center of impediment research for 3 years.
  14. General Advisor for Administration of public and Marketing in Ammegal Company for tourism projects from 8\6\2004 to 20\8\2007.
  15. Assist Professor in press, Media Department, K.S.U, from 1415 until now.
  16. The Head of press group in Saudi community of media and communication for 2 years.
  17. Certified trainer at training session, press major, in special training centers.
  18. Searcher and observer at major of press and media.
  19.  Presenter of general lecture in media and press.
  20.  Director for meeting and seminar of press and media.
  21. Editing advisor in several presses and specialist journalist.
  22. Media advisor in some news agency and privet agency.
  23. The head of public relation and media in festival 50 years for established K.S.U.
  24. The Head of Riyadh international fair, 2006 for book. Which organized by minister of high education.
  25. The Head of public relation in the seventh international forum for power in 17-19-november 2006, Riyadh. Which organized by minister of petroleum and minerals.
  26. The Head of public relation community for media and communication.
  27. The Head of public relation and media in culture and distinction conference.
  28. The Head of Informational and Internet Community in Fifth cultural week for University and high educational institution in Arabian Gulf Country.
  29. The Head of media community in Tenth Riyadh Fair for books in K.S.U.
  30. The Head of specialist consultive Group for media and rising awareness in General Department in special rising, minister of rising and Education, for 3 years.
  31. The head of informational community in the first session of impediment and enabling, for universities.
  32. The Head of informational Community for tourism session.
  33. The Head of Informational Community for Riyadh Festival, marketing and entertainment, 1426.
  34. The Head of Informational community for Riyadh, festival Marketing and entertainment,1248.
  35. The head of informational community for Riyadh Festivals at Eid Al Fater, 1425.
  36. The Head of Informational community for The second Saudi Conference for volunteer(21-24 safar 1428)
  37. Director Ackareh Festival for Marketing, 1419.
  38. The Head of Educated Child community at forum of culture and Arts, for 3 years.
  39. Preparing, organizing and observing many festivals about child and special Needing.(6 for child)and (4 for special Needing).
  40. Preparing, organizing and observing the First and Second Al-khama Cultural Festival In Arts College.
  41. Writing many article for different presses and local journalists.
  42. Participating In preparing and presenting some radio and T.V programs, and opinion participating in different In hearing , visual and printing enter media.
  43. Preparing and observing on some journalist attached for conference and festivals
  44. Observing many media center for conferences and festivals



Media department, college of Arts, K.S.U

P.O. Box: 84265 Riyadh 11671

office Telephone: 4675522            

Fax: 4675395

Mobil: 0505470037




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