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Personal Information:

Name: Nabila Mahmud Indejany.

Nationality: Saudi.

Place of birth: Tabuk- Saudi Arabia.

Status: Married.

Current job: Instructor - College of Applied Studies and Community Services- King Saud University.

Academic Degree:

Bachelor degree in Historic studies- Prince Norah University (College of Education- before).


  • 6 years at National Research Center.
  • Manager of Art Department at Al-Nahda Philanthropic Society for Women.
  • 3 years at College of Applied Studies and Community Services.
  • Instructor at College of Applied Studies and Community Services since June 2009.

College Committees:

  • Member in Final Exams Committee.
  • Member in Administrative and Humanistic Sciences Program Administrative Supporting Committee.
  • Member in Student's Affairs Unit.


  • Arabic (native).
  • English (second language).

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Curriculum Vitae