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Sample Exam Question

Eng 344:


1 . Compare and Contrast Macbeth and King Duncan.

2. Discuss the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. How does it change and why? To what extent is their relationship the engine that drives the tragedy?

3. Banquo is a foil to Macbeth in that both are the subject of prophecies concerning the future kingship of Scotland, but they react to these prophecies differently.  How does each respond to his encounter with the witches?  Are there key differences?    Why does Shakespeare include two sets of prophecies?  What is the effect of this juxtaposition?

4. Contrast Antonio’s loans to Bassanio with Shylock’s loan to Antonio and Bassanio.

5. Compare and contrast Morocco’s reasoning during the selection of caskets with Aragon’s speech during the same.


Eng 251:


1 . Was Robinson Crusoe a changed man at the end of the novel? Or was he essentially the same man that he was at the beginning? 


2. How does Robinson Crusoe's conversation with his father at the beginning of the book relate to the novel's overarching concern with "providence" or fate?


3 . Compare and contrast Lady Booby and Fanny.


4 . Discuss the issue of Morality in Joseph Andrews.


Eng 413:


1 . Write and Argumentative essay on one of the following topics:


-Early Marriage

-Censoring of book, film, and TV




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