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King Saud University

College of Arts – Department of English Language and Literature

ENG 344 – Shakespeare

Course Syllabus

Course Name – Shakespeare

Course Number – English 344

Credit Hours – 3 hours

Location: Main Campus – Olaisha

Lecturer – Mashael Aldakheel

Office – Building 26, Room 3m

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Course Description: Through the study of at least one comedy and one tragedy, the salient features of Shakespeare’s dramaturgy will be introduced. Working from the texts, Elizabethan thought and dramatic practice will naturally be considered.

Course Aims and Objectives:

1. Read Shakespeare's individual plays.

2. Discuss the characteristics of drama  as a literary genre as well as a theatrical event

3. Discuss Elizabethan concepts and the age of the Renaissance

4. Analyze the language, techniques, characters and themes of a Shakespearean comedy and tragedy 

5. Deliver oral presentations about the age, the playwright, or the genre.

6. Write essays about the assigned plays

Topics to be Covered:

Week 1 +2

Introduction: Historical background / Life and Time of William Shakespeare/

Shakespeare's Canon / The Globe Theatre

Weeks 3 - 8

Tragedy: Macbeth

Weeks 9 - 13

Comedy: The Merchant of Venice

Weeks 14 -15

Review / Completion of Presentations


Schedule of Assessment:



Assessment Task



Week 8

1st Midterm



Every Wednesday / Throughout the Semester




Week 13

2nd Midterm



Examination Weeks

Final Exam



Required Texts:

1 - The Merchant of Venice

2 – Macbeth

Supplementary Texts / References:


Barber, CL., Shakespeare's Festive Comedy, Oxford University Press, London, 1959

Palmer, John L. Comic Characters of  Shakespeare, Paladin Paperbacks, London, 1946.

Chambers, E.K., The Elizabethan Stage, Oxford University Press, Oxford, New York , 1945, four volumes.

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Bradley, Shakespearean Tragedy

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Champion, Larry S., Shakespeare's Tragic Perspective, The University of Georgia Press, Athens,

Online References:

-The Complete Works of William Shakespeare:

-Shakespeare On-line

-Absolute Skakespeare

-Shakespeare Biography

-Shakespeare Resource Center

-Internet Shakespeare Editions



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