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King Saud University                                                    Department of English

College of Arts                                                               B.A. Program



122 - Course Syllabus



Department: English Language and Literature                                    College of Arts


  1. Course Title: Speaking-2


  1. Course Number: 122


  1. Course Level: 2nd


  1. Prerequisite: 112-speaking -1


  1. E-mail:


  1. Name of Instructor: Mashael Aldakheel


  1. Credit Hours: 2


  1. KSU SMS – Please register in KSU SMS. Course ID 11756


  1. 9-   Course Description: Listening: At this stage students are trained to understand discussions on concrete topics related to particular interests and special fields of competence. They are provided with opportunities to take notes while listening to sustained talks given at a normal rate by a speaker familiar with foreign learners.

Speaking : Students are trained to communicate on concrete topics related to social relations, current events and study matters. Their accent should be intelligible to a native speaker.  Furthermore, to teach students how to prepare for major presentations


10-Course Aims and Objectives:  and main subjects-

1. Conduct face to face communication in academic situations as demonstrated by asking for help and clarification of the teacher and the class mates inside and outside of the class;

2. Participate in all class discussions (both formal and informal), and fully participate in all group and pair work.

      3. Interact by using the following skills:  summarizing, seeking clarification, asking

          questions, offering personal insights, seeking others’ opinions, and negotiating


       4. Apply compensation strategies for pronunciation patterns which require listeners to work

           overly hard by paraphrasing, repeating, and using media to convey a message. 

      5. Lead large and small group discussions as demonstrated by conducting and participating in

           debated and formal class discussions.

       6. Give both formal and non-formal presentations as demonstrated by successfully giving a

           casual self- introduction, an idiom presentation, and a formal presentation.

       7. Develop PowerPoint presentations using visual aids.

       8. Adequately research and document researched information.

       9. Take proper notes with time management.


  1. Textbook(s):None



  1. Further References: Internet Websites that help with research topics.



  1. Syllabus: Topics to be Covered:


Weeks 1 +2

Introduction to the Course and Presentations

Weeks 3+4

Interviewing and Introducing Each other  - Partner Work

Weeks 5+6

15- minute oral presentation

Group Presentation –  Pro's and Con's of the University

Weeks 7+8

Midterm One:

2- minute oral presentation- Open Choice

Weeks 9


Listening Excerises



Newspaper Discussion / Debate



12- 15

Final Exam Presentations

-          Open Choice Topic

-          4 minute presentation



  1. Schedule of Assessment:




Assessment Task



Week 3+4

Student Interviews/Presentations



Week 5+6

Group Presentations



Week  7+8

Midterm Presentation



Week  9

Listening Exercise


5 each (10 total)

Week 10-11

Newspaper Discussion/Debate



Week 12-15

Final Exam Presentations



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