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Curriculum Vitae


NAME:                      Adel Saeed Bashatah

ADDRESS:                Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Phone (Cell):              +966-505-473-496




  • Experienced in nursing educating, supported by 4 years in research designing and evaluation at King AbdulAziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • Familiar with most educational theories such as bloom's taxonomy, Erickson, and others, in addition to familiarity with the three learning domains cognitive, affective, and psychomotor
  • Experienced in curriculum design and evaluation for adult education using the three learning domains supported by assessment tool design, testing and evaluation methodologies summative and formative.
  • Talented as educator for undergraduate and graduate students supported by my academic background at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA




-          PhD in Nursing, May 2007, College of Health and Human Services, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

-          Certificate in Nursing Education, January. 2003, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

-          Bachelor of Science in Nursing, December. 2002, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

-          Master of Science, June 2000, Department of Molecular Genetics, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

-          Bachelor of Science, Summer 1993, Department of Zoology, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Employment History:


-         Assistant Professor, Aug. 2009 to current, College of Nursing, King Saud University (Vice Dean for Quality & Development)

-         Head of Saudization Nursing Program, October 2008 to present, Academic & Training Affairs, King Fahad Medical City

-         Senior Nurse Specialist, October 2007 to October 2008, Academic & Training Affairs, King Fahd Medical City

-         Research Assistant, January- May 2005, College of Health and Human Services, George Mason University

-       Specialist Researcher, 2000-2001, King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology (KACST), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

-         Researcher, 1994-1997, (KACST), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.



-          Jean Burley Moore, Lisa Pawloski, Heibatollah Baghi, Karen Whitt, Claudia Rodriguez, Laura Lumbi and Adel Bashatah (2005). Development and examination of psychometric properties of Self-Care instructions to measure nutrition practices for English and Spanish speaking adolescents. The official journal of the International Orem Society, 13(1), 9-16.

-          Veronica D. Feeg, PhD Adel Bashatah, MS. & Christena Langley, PhD (2005). Development and Testing of a CD-ROM Based Tutorial for Student Nurses: Getting Ready for HIPAA.  Journal of Nursing Education, 44(8),381-386.




-          Bashatah, Adel (2006). Mandatory Premarital Genetic Testing in Saudi Arabia: Policy Analysis and Potential Ethical Issues Risks. Podium presentation at International Society of Nurses in Genetics, Oct. 7-10 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

-          Bashatah, Adel (2006). Assessment of Nurses’ and Physicians’ Perceptions Toward General and Genetic Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice in Saudi Arabia: A Preliminary Study. Poster presentation at International Society of Nurses in Genetics, Oct. 7-10 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

-          Adel Bashatah and Amin Al Madani (2005). Special Educational Program for Saudi nurses to Manage Chronic Diseases. Presentation at “Education-the Route to Transforming Nursing in Saudi Arabia”. Conference at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, May 18 & 19 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

-          Amin Al Madani and Adel Bashatah (2005). Oncology Nursing and Genetics in Retinoblastoma: Nursing Care and Responsibilities to Enhance Patient and Family Decision Making. CNAMS First International Nursing Conference. National Guard Health Affairs-King AbduAziz Medical City, December. 6- 8 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

-          Jean B. Moore, Lisa Pawloski, Heibatollah Baghi, Karen Whitt, and Adel Bashatah (2005). Development and Testing of Instruments to Measure Nutrition Self-Care Behavior. Poster presentation at George Mason University, Research Day, April 17, Fairfax, Virginia, USA.

-          Bashatah, Adel. & Huddleston, Kathi (2004). Public Health Nursing and the Growing Expectations of the Role of Genetic Nursing. Poster presentation at American Public Health Association, November 6-10 Washington DC, USA


Academic Experience:


I. Curriculum Activities

-          Course Designer:

o   I took an opportunity to design a graduate genetic course “Introduction to Clinical Genetics in Healthcare” that was approved from the George Mason University’s council as an elective course, April 2005. (see a copy of the course content)


-          Curriculum Evaluator:  

o   I spent one month at Training and development Department, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center to evaluate some exciting health program such as Cardiovascular Technology (CVT). Also I had a chance to review a current courses content of some courses such as Medical Terminology course. A written report with recommendations was given to the Director of the department.


II. Teaching Activities 


-          Clinical Instructor: as a part time job at college of Nursing, King Saud University teaching the following courses

o   Medical Surgical

o   Nursing Fundamentals

o   Nursing Concepts

o   Health Assessment


-          Nursing Instructor: as a part time job at Technical Health Institute at Riyadh to teaching the following courses

o   Anatomy & Physiology

o   Communication Skills

o   Community Health

o   Pharmacology


-          Guest Speaker

o   I lectured about Clinical Genetics applications related to healthcare professionals at College of Health and Human Services, George Mason University. October 2003 and October 2004.


III. Research Activities


-          Participated in some of Research activities in Saudi Arabia and USA in the following:

o   Research Designs experimental and non-experimental including qualitative and quantitative

o   Data entry and analysis using the SPSS program.

o   Manuscript writing in the filed of nursing and health science.

Administrative Experience


I. King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)


-          Technical and financial follow up of funded research projects submitted to KACST

-          Prepare and finalize the process for every year announced annual research priorities.

-          Coordinate the work of the Medical Sciences Group that review the medical research submitted for grants

-          Prepare one day conferences and related research day at KACST in the area of science and medical sciences.


II. George Mason University


-          Worked at the Dean's office in two main tasks

o   Participate in the Health Committee meetings that deal with health issues and related problems on and off campus.

o   Follow up and finalize the process of the Annual Meeting for Gerontological Society of America GSA (2005), Clinical Medicine Section. The duties were the following:


§  Arrange meetings, posters, presentations and discussion panels

§  Review and evaluate some abstracts in my interest area

§  Communicate with all participants and researchers in the meetings   


-          Participated in the preparations of some academic activities such as research days and conferences sponsored by the College of Nursing and Health Sciences


Professional Training


-          Bioethics Institute and Internship. An applied intensive course that analyzed and explored ethical and legal considerations in science and health fields. George Mason University & Georgetown University. July-August, 2004

-          The Science Symposium. Linking the Double Helix with Health: Genetics in Nursing Research. Georgetown University, School of Nursing and Health Studies, April 13, 2003, Washington D.C. USA.

-          Gateway Cloning & Expression, a hand on experience in a new cloning kit. Life Technology, June 5-9, 2000, Maryland, USA.

-          Cytogenetics lab experience, a hand-on experience in Karotype techniques, G Band, C Band, and FISH probe. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSHRC), June, 1995 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

-          Introduction to the Molecular Biology, five days intensive lectures related to Molecular Biology. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (KFSHRC), 2001 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Dr. Shirley Travis RN, PhD

Dean, College of Health and Human Services

George Mason University, USA

Email (


Dr. P.J. Maddox, RN, PhD

Institute of Health Policy and Ethics

George Mason University, USA

Email (


Dr. Richard Liboviz, JD, PhD

Faculty Advisor and Director for Summer Institute of Bioethics

George Mason University, USA

Email. (


Dr. Mohammed Al naïf

Dean, College of Nursing

King Saud University

Email: (


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