Al-Kazlan, Bandar Ibraheem Mohammad

Saudi Arabia, Al-Qassim, Al-Rass

Date of Birth: 1978

Place of Birth: Al-Rass

Marital Status: MARRIED
Cell Phone: 0503975323





·  Batchelor Degree in Arabic Language, Al-Qassim University ,
GRADE: Excellent with First Honor Degree in 2000 - 2001

·  Master Degree, Linguistics of the Arabic Language, Islamic University              in Medina, GRADE: Excellent in 2002 - 2003

Professional Experiences


·  Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arabic Language. Islamic University,         Al-Madinah. 2001 - Present

· Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic Language and Literature.     King Saud University, 2009 - present




1 – A course in Computer, Al-Aalamiah Institute.

2 – A course in English language, Ibn Saleh Language Center



1 - The Syntactical Guidance for The Quranic Reading of Surat Al-Nur

2 – The Theme of the Andalusia's Poetry in the Third and Fourth Islamic Centuries.

3 - The Phenomenon of Women in the Poetry of Alhuthaleyeen.

4 - Dictionary of Albahr Wa Nebras Al-Fajr, Alfajr Fy Ikhtisaar Nehayat Alimam Ibn     Al-Atheer, By Ibraheem bin Ali al-Nawawy ( Investigation and Study) to obtain the Master Degree.