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Name                    : Mashell Menahi Alotaibi

Nationality             : Saudi

Work Place            : King Saud University

College                  : College of Applied Studies and Society Service

Scientific Rank       : Lecturer

General Major        : Spical  Education

Specific Major       : Learning Disabilities

Secondly :

Academic Qualifications:

1-    High School for Oakland High School , Pettsburgh.

2-    Bachelor of Private Education, King Saud University.

3-    Master degree in Adults education and Continuous education .

 Thirdly :

Courses :

1-    Concentrated Course un English Language from British Council.

2-    Computer Using Course from Languages center for girls.

3- Session of the learning management system, 2009.


Fourthly :


Courses & Conferences :

1-    Second scientific meeting in Singleness Confusions, 2005.

2-    Sixth annual conference for adult education center, Ein Shams University, Cooperated with Arab organization for education, cultures and sciences, And general organization for adults education, 2008.

3-    First Conference of the issues of Learning Disabilities, Learning Disabilities on the assembly of Kuwait in 2009

4- Fifteenth annual meeting of the Saudi Society for Educational and Psychological Sciens (Justin) Entitled : Development of Education: Vision and models and requirements, as:19-20/ 1/ 1431H, corresponding to 5-6 January 2010.

5-    Conference on Learning Disabilities: Reality and Application, on 5-6 May 2010-Dubai-UAE

Fifthly :

Committees :

1-    Computer Labs Committee , 2009.

2-    Unmethodical Activities Committee, 2009.

3-    Offices Committee , 2009.

Sixthly :  

Researches :

1-     Learning Disabilities at adults educations center from the teachers point of view un Riyadh city (Master Thesis).