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Personal information / name Tahani Abdul Rahman Balhmr

Education / Bachelor of Special Education (path with learning difficulties) 1426 1427 AH, King Saud University

Experience / Experience / Teaching ways to help and prosthetic devices of the first semester for the year 1430-1431 AH, King Saud University

 Supervisor field training course learning difficulties of the year 1426 AH 1427 AH to the year 1428 H 1429 H

 Courses and scientific expertise / Attending the international scientific "excellence in graduate programs: challenges and solutions" during the period 26-27/1/1431 e
A workshop on the blackboard and uses smart in higher education e 27/1/1431

Workshop on the smart board and its use in higher education e 18/10/1430

Honors degree in English from the fourth level of the cultural center of the women 8-9/1430 e

 A workshop on the individual education plan 15 / 7 / e 1430

 Workshop entitled (How to be a successful lecturer) 7 / 1430

Workshop titled (Merge) 7 / 1430

A workshop entitled (the accreditation requirements of field experiences) 7 / 1430

 A workshop entitled (early intervention) 7 / 1430

 Workshop entitled (the academic preparation of the report) 7 / 1430

 Session entitled (triangle memory) 2008/12

Session on the mental map 18-19 / 10/142 him and approved by the General Organization for Technical Education and Vocational Training

 A course in teaching creative development and creative thinking skills when people with learning difficulties on 14-15/5 / 1428 e

A workshop entitled (intelligence coming MMC) on January 15 1 / 1428

 A workshop entitled (I play with the math) 28/10/1427 e

1427هـ Attend the Special Education Conference, held in the period from 28/10 to 1/11/1427 e

Cycle (power point) from the center of a network of data and word processing 10 / 1426 H

 A course entitled (data processing and the introduction of the texts) 7 / 1426

A course entitled Program (Knowledge) 7 / 1426

Session entitled (the Internet and its uses) 7 / 1426

Secretarial session 6 / 1426 H

Attend a seminar entitled (epilepsy in children) 2 / 1425

Session entitled (memory in your hands) 1 / 1425

Course in the principles of first aid 1423

Honors / Honor of the Steering Committee of the tender students to participate in support and support the project in its first 1426




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