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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Zoo 106

توزيع المقرر العملي:

First week

The microscope and its use, cell structure (Prokaryots: Bacteria,                Eukaryotes: animal and plants), type of eukaryotic animal cell.                   

Second week                                                       

Histology ( Connective Tissue : Areolar connective tissue, hyaline cartilage)( Nervous tissue : Neurons , spinal cord ).

 Third week

Histology ( Muscular Tissue : Striated muscles, cardiac muscles, smooth muscles ).

Fourth week

Histology ( Blood vessels, Kidney)

Fifth week

Histology ( The digestive system : oesophagus, stomach)

Sixth week

Histology ( liver, testis)

Seventh week

Cell division ( mitosis , meiosis )

Eighth week


Ninth week

First Finalexam                                                                                       

Tenth week                                                        

The rat ( external feature, general viscera , endocrine system)                     

Eleventh week                                                     

The rat (urogenital system, nervous system )                                             

Twelfth week                                                      

Human genetics ( blood groups, other human traits ), revision.                  

Thirteenth week                                                   

 Second Final exam            

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