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NURS 122

Foundation of Nursing

Course Title:            Foundation of Nursing



Course Number:      NUR 122



Units Number:        3 hours (2 theory + 1 practice)



Co-requisite:            NUR 123



Level:                     Two



Course Description:


The course introduces the student nurses to the fundamentals of nursing skills within

the nursing process framework. This course is offered as a co-requisite to NUR

 123 (Concept). The course is designed in a modular form; each module integrates

theory and skills needed to perform basic nursing skills. The teaching method

demonstration and return demonstration will be employed, and evaluation will be

 on the student's fulfillment of the prerequisite material for each module,

astheiractiveparticipationintheteaching sessions.                                                                                                                





By the of the sessions the student nurse will be able to:

     1- Comprehend the rationale and basic concepts underlying nursing care in order

   to adjust nursing skills accordingly.

    2- Acquire competency in performing basic nursing skills in the nursing- process framework.

    3- Provide a safe environment for clients, self and others while performing nursing care


    4- Apply the process of critical thinking to patient care interventions.

Other specialty benefits from this course:


Medical Surgical Nursing (NUR 244), Clinical Aspects of Medical Surgical Nursing

(NUR 245), Emergency Care Nursing (488), maternity and child Nursing (NUR 362),

and Community and Mental Health Care Nursing (NUR 472).                     .                                                      

Course Outline:                                                                  hours

I- Promoting Infection Control:                                  4 hrs

·                                   Basic (Medical Aspects).

·                                   Basic (Surgical Aspects).


II- promoting Patient Hygiene:                                   4 hrs

·                                   Bed making

·                                   Bathing a Patient

·                                   Patient Personal Hygiene.

·                                   Hair Care

·                                   Foot Care


III- Assessing Vital Signs:                                           4 hrs

·                                   Temperature.

·                                   Pulse rate

·                                   Respiration

·                                   Blood pressure.

·                                   Height and weight


IV- Medication Administration:                                            10 hrs

·                             Drug administration.

·                             Oral medication

·                             Sublingual medication

·                             Topical medication

·                             Eye medication

·                             Ear medication

·                             Respiratory medication

·                             Suppository medication

·                             Parenteral medication


V- Wound Care and Dressings:                                            2 hrs

·                                 Isolation Technique.



VI- Nutritional Management:                                              2 hrs

·                               Nutrient Via Tube Feeding


VII- Urinary And Bowel Elimination:                                  2 hrs

·                             Urinary elimination.

·                             Bowel elimination.





Method of Teaching:

·                     Lecture

·                     Discussion and Participation

·                     Data show presentation

·                     Skills Demonstration and Remonstration


·                   Quizzes                                                        10%

·                   Midterm written examination                          10%

·                   Midterm clinical exam                                    20%

·                   Final written exam                                         20%

·                   Final clinical exam                                         40%



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