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NUR 488

Emergency Nursing .

Clinical Placement.




Course Number : NUR 488

Course Title : Emergency Nursing

Student Level : eight level

Placement : Nursing Collage

Duration : 12 weeks

Days : Sunday & Monday OR Tuesday & Wednesday




Purpose of experience :


               This course is provide to enable the student to acquire knowledge ,  skills, communication and professionalism for the emergency unit practice . The clinical experience focuses on nursing intervention appropriate to patients with various emergency problems and life threatening situations .


Clinical Learning Objectives :


             By the end of the clinical experience the student should able to :

1- Follow primary and secondary survey for adult and children .

2- Use the trauma score sheet to estimate the severity of injury and detect LOC through GCS.

3- Determine triage categories with the assistance of the preceptor .

4-Perform the emergency procedure skillfully .

5-Perform and assemble equipment \ supplies for the most common procedure performed in the emergency department .

6-Provide rapid trauma management for a life threatening victim with preceptor assistance in the emergency department .

7- Make dressing for any injured part of the body .

8-Carry out basic and advanced nursing interventions to assigned patients\victims according to plan of care .

9-Carry out specific nursing intervention according to patient care assignment.

10-Write and \ or provide oral endorsement to transfer the patient to another unite .

11-Communication respectfully and courteously with patient, staff , relatives , colleagues , and other members  of the caring team .

12-Explain all procedures\treatment to patients and relatives.

13-Adhere to hospital policies and procedures in all patients nursing care activities .

14-Follow standard in caring for patients prior to and following special investigation procedures in emergency department .






Evaluation :


    Evaluation of students will be based on their participation and involvement throughout the work sessions and on the quality and efficiency of care provided following steps on the nursing process.

          - Quizzes                                                                  10%

          - Midterm examination                                              20%

          - Clinical practice and checklist                                20%

          - Assignments & Presentation                                 10%

          - Final written examination                                        40%



Learning Resources:


A. References:


1- McSwain, et al. Basic to advanced prehospital trauma life support ( PHTLS) 5th ed. USA: Mosby.2007

2- Andreoni C, and Klinhammer B. Quick Reference for emergency nursing. Philadelphia: W.B.Saunders.1998.

3- Grant HB. Emergency care . 6th ed. USA: Prentice Hall International. 1997.




B. Facilities required :


1- Hospital clinical settings.

2- Projector .

3 Data show .




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