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123 NURS

Nursing Concepts



Course Title:                  Concepts of Nursing

Course Number:            NUR 123

Units Number:             4 hours (2 theory+ 2practice)

Co-requisite:                  NUR 122

Level:                             Two

Course Description:

This course is designed as an introduction to selected concepts that can be used in a large variety

of clinical settings. Once acquired and understood, this type of knowledge enables students to analyze situations,

make decisions and solve problems. The nursing process will be presented as the basic organizational framework

within which nursing knowledge is applied.  It assists students in providing effective, systematic and

scientifically based nursing care care.                                                                                                                                


By the of the course,  the student nurse will be able to:

1- Comprehend concepts that are fundamental to the practice of nursing.

2- Apply knowledge to patient are within the framework of nursing process.

3- analyze the role of the nurse in promoting healthy physiologic responses of patients.


Other specialty benefits from this course:

 Medical Surgical Nursing (NUR 244), Clinical Aspects of Medical Surgical Nursing (NUR 245), Emergency Care Nursing (488), maternity and child Nursing (NUR 362), and Community and Mental Health Care Nursing (NUR 472).    


Course Outline:                                                                    hours \

1-              Concepts of health and illness;

·                                 Human Needs.                                                2 hrs


2-            the Nursing Process:                                                 4 hrs

·                                         Definition

·                                         Characteristics

·                                         Steps



              - Outcome identification

              - Planning

              - Implementation

              - Evaluation

3- Communication in Nursing                                                  2hrs

4- Concept Related to the Care of Individuals:                              12 hrs

·                                          Self Concept.

·                                          Pain.

·                                          Sleep.

·                                          Stress.

·                                          Immobility:

                        - problems of immobility

                        - preventing problems of immobility.

                        - pressure ulcers

5- Promoting Healthy Physiologic responses:                                     6 hrs

·                                           Problem safety.

·                                          Promoting oxygenation.

·                                          Promoting comfort.

·                                          Promoting activity and exercise.

·                                          Promoting proper nutrition.

·                                          Promoting urine elimination.

·                                          Promoting bowel elimination.

6- Documentation:                                                                 4 hrs

Method of Teaching:

·                        Lecture

·                        Discussion and Participation

·                        Data show presentation

·                        Skills Demonstration and Remonstration




·                        Quizzes                                  10%

·                        Midterm written examination            10%

·                        Midterm clinical exam                    20%

·                        Final written exam                        20%

·                        Final clinical exam                        40%




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