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Personal information:

Name: Khaled Bin Abdullah Bin Fahd Al Shafi

Date of Birth: 1389H

Place of Birth: Riyadh

Marital Status: Married

P.O. Box: 261471Postal Code: 11342

E-mail: khaldshafi@gmail,com

Current Occupation: Lecturer , Law Section, College of Administrative  Sciences and Humanities  Al Majama'ah ,

 King Saud University

Academic Qualifications:

1.   Preparing to finish PhD in" Criminal Justice" , King Naif Arabian University for security Sciences.

2.   Master degree in Criminal Justice(  political justice), King Naif Arabian University for security Sciences.

3.   B.A. in Islamic religious foundations, Faculty of Islamic Foundations, Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University.

  Job Experience

1.   working in government sectors since 1409HA.

2.   Working as head of some centres  of promotion of virtue and prevention of vice Authority  in Riyadh since 1410 -1428.

3.   Working as a member and a consultant  at the centre of researches and studies , general presidential Authority of promotion of virtue and prevention of vice since 1426.

4.   Working as a member of the training committee in the High Institute of promotion of virtue and prevention of vice.

 Academic Participations:

1.   Participating in a forum of systems of justice in the eastern province in 1426 .The paper is  (  Checking procedures in the system of criminal procedures)

2.   Attending a lecture in  human rights in the international law.( King Naif Arabian University for security Sciences).

3.   Attending a lecture in  human rights (  intellectual security ) ( Umm Al Qurah



Practical Courses:

     Having a lot of courses in computer , law and standardization and leadership.

Legal Consultations:

     Participating in providing  legal systems and regulations  and legal consultations.


Researches in Academic fields:

      Offering a number of academic researchers in law and criminal politics.


     Efficient in using computer and statistics programs and writing reports.

 Letters of gratitude:

      Receiving thankful letters from Prince of Riyadh and a number of officials.

      Receiving memorials  and modals.



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