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106 Zoo

Course out line:

A: lectures:

    1. Introduction- General.                                                 1 lecture           

    2: cell types

         Prokaryotes vs Eukaryotes. Autotrophs vs                2 lecture

         Heterotrophs (basic difference between

        Plant and animal cell. Bacteria vs. viruses (briefly).                 


  3- Cell molecules                                                    3 lecture

  4-  The cell organelles. Structure and function       4 lectures

   Cell membrane. Cytoplasm. Nucleus and

  nucleolus. Ribosomes. Endoplasmic reticulm.

 Golgi complex. Lysosmes. Microtubules and

 Mcrofilaments. Cilia and flagella.   

 5- enzymes. Energy production.glycolysis.             3 lectures



6- How things get into and out of cell.                     3 lectures

Principles of water movement. Bulk flow.

Diffusion and osmosis. Transport acros

 cell membrane. Endokinasis.

7-     mitosis and meiosis. The division of                  2 lectures-

  the nucleus cytokinsis. The cell cycle.


8-  Mendel's first law. Mendel's second law.           3 lectures     

Linkage and sex determination genetic


106 Zoo


1-    The Microscope

Objectives: to acquaint the student with care and use of the microscope.

Cell structure:

Objectives:  to familiarize the student with the general structure of the cells seen through the light microscope and too acquaint him with some of the variations existing among cells.

2-    mitosis:

       objectives: to aid the student in recognizing chromosomes and the

       various stages in mitotic division.

3-    meiosis and gamete formation:

objectives: to compare the events of mitosis and meiosis with special emphasis on chromosomes number to explain the necessity of meiotic divisions in sexually reproducing orgasm.

4-    genetics:

objectives: to introduce student with to such genetic principle as mendal's laws of segregation and independent assortment, dominance, multiple alleles and probability.

Dissection of rabbit:

5-    external factors and general viscera with reference ti the digestive tract.

6-    The reproductive system ( male).

7-    The reproductive system (female).

8-    The Endocrine system .

9-    The Nervous system .



10-   Striated muscles cardiac muscles, hyaline cartilage, neurones, T.S. spinals cord of rabbit ,T.S. in an artery, T.S. in a vein.

11-   T.S. in oesophagus  of rabbit, T.S. in stomach of rabbit, section of liver of rabbit.

12-    Sections in testis of rabbit, T.S. in kidney of rabbit.

13-    Revision.


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