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·        The Communicative Features of "Debate" and its Role in Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers, Arab Journal for the Humanities, N. 59-15th year-summer 1997, Kuwait University.




Communicative language teaching enjoys an important position in the language teaching profession. However, the successful application of this method in the classroom depends largely on the use of the right activities which comply with the essential characteristics of communicative interaction as found in real life situations. This paper focuses on debating which is taken to be a good communicative activity that is capable of promoting oral communication as well as learning. A discussion of the merits of this type of activity as a skill forming and learning device, is undertaken with the goal of identifying the aspects that makes it such an effective procedure. There will also be a description of the fundamental conditions for designing and successfully implementing debating activities, in addition to some suggestions allowing for variation and further improvement by individual teachers.

The role of this activity gains even greater importance in the context of teaching Arabic to speakers of other languages. This follows from the fact that standard Arabic is not normally spoken except in some highly limited situations, of which debating is the most natural one.


·        Teaching Arabic Grammar to Non-Native Speakers: Theoretical and Practical Principles, Arab Journal of Education, Tunis.





·        The Unreal Gender and the Problem of grammatical Rule Writing, Annals of Arts and Social Sciences, Volume XXI, 2000-2001, Kuwait Unversity.




The Unreal Gender and the problem of Grammatical Rule Writing

This paper focuses on the traditional grammatical statement which permits the "unreal feminine" to be optionally treated as either feminine or masculine. For many linguists, this generalization seemed valid, hence never questioned or criticized. However, when one consider its application, it becomes obvious that it may not qualify as a systematic accurate rule. It is shown that it can yield –contrary to expectation- constructions incompatible with the standard used by competent native speakers. Therefore, the phenomenon of the unreal gender and related questions investigated and reassessed. It is proposed that the issue of gender, as it relates to word meaning , is more of a concept-based phenomenon whose characteristics may not be safely captured on purely linguistic grounds. The main problem with the traditional treatment comes, in principle, from this direction, in addition to the neglect of sociolinguistic and developmental factors. To tackle the question of the unreal gender, I argue, one needs to take into consideration the facts of language variation, dialectal difference and linguistic change. Combining the linguistic production of different linguistic groups of an extended period of time to form a single form of data is doomed to lead to considerable confusion in the derived results.



·        ملخص بحث " قوائم المفردات ومنهجيات إعداده لأغراض تعليم اللغة".







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