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Abstract 1


The Extent of Female Teachers’ Abidance of

Education Profession Ethics in Both Intermediate and Secondary Public Education Schools in Riyadh City



      This study aims to identify the ethics of teaching profession as it shown the literature review and studying the extent of both intermediate and secondary female teachers’ abidance in public education schools in Riyadh city by education profession ethics from school principals & female teachers perspective and to know any statistical differences – if any – between school principals and female teachers’ perspectives towards the extent of female teachers abidance by the ethics of education profession attributed to some variables.

Survey descriptive methodology was used to conduct the study. Study sample consisted of 262 female principals and teachers chosen randomly. The researcher has designed a questionnaire to collect data and test its validity and constancy.  The constancy coefficient reached (0.97). The result of the study reveals that there are statistical differences between principals and teachers’ perspectives about the extent of female teachers’ abidance by profession ethics in relation to the four fields collectively. Also, the study results have shown that the abidance of female teachers by education ethics in their relationships with students, students’ parent and local community, school administration, and their colleagues from principals' perspective was high. The principals believe that the abidance of female teachers by teaching ethics in their relationships with the colleagues took higher degree than their relationships with administration, while female teachers’ relationship with students was the lowest degree of the four fields. Female teachers think that their abidance by profession ethics in their relationships with their colleagues is very high, as well as their relationships with administration that took the following degree. However, their abidance by teaching ethics in their relationships with students, their parents and local community is not that high.


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