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310 COMP

Course Code: 310 COMP

Course Title: Principles of Internet Programming  (3credits) (2+2)

Pre-requisites:102 COMP, 122 COMP

Course Description:

      The basic aim of this course is to help students recognize the importance of internet technologies in education and life. It is expected that after completion of attending the course lectures the students will be able:

1.     to interpret correctly ways of internet websites design programming.

2.     to effectively understand the basics of webpages such as page setup, page view, new line, new paragraph, adding white spaces, addresses, comments, and inserting certain letters.

3.     To identify various ways of downloading and uploading texts and files.

4.     To understand various ways and functions of inserting images, backgrounds, borders, justifying, color contrast and bright.

5.     To use hyperlinks for a certain location, images, files, e-mails, and ftp.

6.     To insert tables, video, and sounds.


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