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Tracheostomy suction  


Tracheostomy may be carried out:


1.     To provide & maintain a patent airway

2.     To enable the removal of trachea bronchial secretions



A Tracheostomy may be performed as a temporary or permanent procedure, or in an emergency


Skills objectives Tracheostomy care –suctioning


1. The student should collect all equipment required

2. The student should demonstrate good hand washing technique &

follow universal precaution as appropriate

3. The student should introduce herself to the patient & explain the

procedure, provide privacy

4. The student will apply the principles of aseptic technique

5. The student will manipulate the suction catheter with dexterity,

giving rationale


6. The student will introduce the correct length of catheter into the

tracheotomy tube

7. The student will suction only on withdrawal of the catheter


8. The student should assess the patient's level of tolerance to the

procedure & need for further suctioning

9. The student will observer secretions obtained by suctioning &

 outcomes of suctioning


10. The student will complete the appropriate documentation


11- The student will dispose of all used equipment appropriately


12- The student will ensure patient's comfort levels is maintained


13- The student should demonstrates good hand washing technique


14- The student should become familiar with the hospital policy &

procedure for Tracheostomy care. 


Prepared by \ Mofida AL-barrak





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