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King Saud University
College of Nursing
Department of community health and mental health and mental


Name: Mofida Bint Yunus Sulaiman Al Barrak

Nationality: Saudi
Marital status: Married
Function name: Specialist Nursing and
  (Coach, teacher and clinical)
Number-based: 29688, King Saud University (College of Nursing)
  Date of Appointment: 3 \ 1410 e
Date direct the university: 25 \ 12 \ 1429 e

Scientific qualifications and experience: 



  Diploma in Nursing (Health Institute for Girls in Riyadh 1409 e)
  Bachelor of Science in Nursing (King Saud University, College of Applied Science 1416 - 1417 e
  Completion of the concession 18 years \ 10 \ 1417 e
  The computer print (Arabic - English) from the Center for Byuhureisen 26 \ 10 \ 1997
  The data processor (Microsoft - Word) from the Center for Nyuhureisen 24 \ 12 \
  Tidal cycle Rbeyen Aliklenkin Catholic University of Cologne cooperation with the Ministry of Health 23 \ 4 \ 1424

Functional expertise



  Recruitment, Ministry of Health, General Directorate of the health institutes and colleges of nursing 1410 e Art Institute in Riyadh, secondary health and the training of students
  Changed the function name to a specialist nurse after obtaining the degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1417 e
  I joined the Faculty of Health Sciences, e in 1418 and served as Chair of the Department of general nursing training and supervision of the field by the teaching of the Department of Nursing.
  I have prepared the memorandum include the management of the nursing curriculum and teaching in 1418 e
  Participated in the preparation of a seminar on first aid in the nursery e Social 1418
  Obtained a certificate of thanks and appreciation from the general supervisor of the institutes and colleges of health and dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, in view of the effort in the Department of Nursing
  I taught second grade students the incidence of the primary health care and health education side of the field training and preparing the curriculum for all articles
  I train students in a first aid

  I joined in turn trained health Aloklinkyin the Ministry of Health 1423

  Prepare and deliver a lecture on the ethics of practicing the profession of nursing in the health sector North 23 \ 4 \ 1424

  I worked at the Center for training of trainers of health Aloklinkyin for one year after the 1424 and 1425 returned the total

  Responsible for the female side of the concession the third grade students training ground

  Participated in the founding committee member of the Bridging Program, Ministry of Health 1426

  Member participated in the workshop Saudi Arabia \ Japanese joint on the development of the capacity of nurses in Saudi Arabia Saudi city of Riyadh during the period from 20 \ 22 Jumada I 1426

  Member participated in the award Nusseibeh bint Ka'b the Ministry of Health 1426

  Member participated in the Conference of the Arab Child in 1428 e

  Preparation and the preparation of Mnsupac ceremony honoring participants in the Conference of the Arab Child, Ministry of Health in 1428 e

  Participation in the preparation and the preparation of the International Day of Nursing 1428 e

  Involved a member of the Scientific Committee to nominate the best paper work in 1428
  Prepare and deliver a lecture on the evolution of nursing education in the Kingdom of the King
  Fahd Medical 19 \ 5 \ 1426
  Prepare and deliver a lecture on personal hygiene, Prince Salman, the social status of 16 \ 7 \ 1427
  To teach third-grade students of nursing and childbirth Alenca theory and practice, 1426
  And training materials in the field of female children and nursing and mental health and obtained a letter of thanks to the successful field training from the Director of Children Hospital Riyadh Medical Complex.
  Then moved to the Institute for Health Baldraeip girls 1427
  I teach students the basics of nursing training side of the lab
  Head of the Department of Nursing Institute 1426
  I have taught nursing Nsa and crown in theory and practice, 1427
  Preparation and practical skills to prepare for the birth of Nsa 1427
  Preparation and the preparation and teaching of First Aid 1427
  Preparation and skills to prepare for the laboratory materials and the basics of nursing and surgical nursing soles
  Official Training Institute 1428 e
  Was accepted at King Saud University to study Master's specialization in mental health for the academic year 1428 AH (and currently in the fourth level, God).

Attend courses, seminars and conferences
  Modern trends of nursing in health care (m \ Specialist)
  The development of a teacher's university (King Saud University)
  Symposium on (Distance education) m \ specialization
  The second seminar of health education under the slogan "the goal of health education and the development of" 26-27 Nov 1423
  The development of nurses in Saudi Arabia Saudi city of Riyadh during the period from 20 to 22 Jumada I 1426
  A clinical nursing teachers in clinical work and educational 19 \ 5 \ 1427
  Conference on the proper use of the nursing profession to engage the National Guard 1426.
  A symposium about the nursing success (leadership change) 6-7 \ 3 \ 1427


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