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Degrees Offered by the College


1.       Baccalaureate degree in nursing science

2.       Masters degree in nursing science (since 1407 H / 1987 G)


Baccalaureate Degree Study Requirements


1.       The required period for the completion of the Baccalaureate degree in nursing is not less than four years / eight semesters.

2.       A total of 133 credits is required for the baccalaureate degree, in addition to completion of one year of nursing internship.

3.       The language of instructions in the baccalaureate program of nursing is English.

4.       Credit hour equivalences are based on the ratio of one credit theory equals one clock hour and one credit clinical is a minimum of 2 clock hours.


Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing Science Courses/hours



                                I.            General Education Credits

73 hrs

1.       Language

16 hrs

                          i.           English

                        ii.           Arabic


2.       Humanities

10 hrs

                          i.           Communication

                        ii.           Islamic culture


3.       Social and behavioral science

10 hrs

                          i.           Sociology

                        ii.           Psychology

                       iii.           Education


4.       Natural and Related Science

37 hrs

                          i.           Physics and Chemistry

                        ii.           Anatomy and Physiology

                       iii.           Microbiology

                       iv.           Nutritional Biochemistry

                         v.           Pathophysiology

                       vi.           Pharmacology

                      vii.           Infectious diseases

                    viii.           Nutrition

                       ix.           Epidemiology

                        x.           Biostatics

                       xi.           Computer science


                             II.            Nursing Major

60 hrs

Total Credit Hours

133 hrs


Masters in Nursing Program

                                  I.            Admission Requirements:

1.       The applicant must be Saudi.

2.       Baccalaureate degree in Nursing from King Saud University or an equivalent degree from another accredited university with the grade of “Very Good” at least. Conditional acceptance of a student with the grade of “Good” maybe granted, based upon the approval of the Department council.

3.       Completion of the year’s nursing internship.

4.       At least one year of recent work experience which is contingent upon the areas of specialization selected for graduate student.

5.       Full-time status.

6.       Evidence of personal qualification & capacity for graduate study as reflected in the application, references and work records.

                                II.            Specializations & Sub specializations:

1.        Community Health Nursing

ü      Primary Care Nursing

ü      Community Health Nursing

2.        Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

3.        Maternal Child Health Nursing

ü      Maternity Nursing

ü      Pediatric Nursing

ü      Nurse-Midwifery

4.        Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing

5.        Nursing Administration

                               III.            Curriculum Design/Courses:

    The curriculum design for the Masters in nursing degree contains the following:

Core Course Requirements

9 semester credits

Specialty Courses

12 semester credits

Functional Role Courses

9 semesters credits

Relevant Science Courses

6 semesters credits

Thesis / Elective

6 semesters credits


42 semesters credits

Thesis or Research Project/ comprehensive Exam


if you need more information about each program please visit the web page of the College department


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