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Pharmacology 4

PHR 306


Description of the subject:

    Upon completion of this course the student is expected to:

    1. Understand the diverse sources and mechanisms of action of antineoplastic drugs. Moreover this course also focuses on the serious side effects of cytotoxic drugs and the importance of taking full precautions in the handling and reconstitution of these drugs.
    2. Learn the effects of various drugs on the action of hormones and also of hormone antagonists.
    3. Have some basic knowledge of the most commonly used skin preparations.
    4. Cover the most important and most commonly used ophthalmic preparations.
    5. Obtain basic knowledge of the most commonly used ear and nasal preparations.
    6. Learn the most important drugs used in the female as well, as medications used during labour.
    7. Focus on basic principles of toxicological procedures and, to learn in brief, the basics in poisoning management.
    8. Briefly focus on drug-drug interactions of some very important drug combinations.







Course Title and Code


Pharmacology 4

PHR 306






3 hours weekly For 15 weeks








Teaching Staff Required



a Ph.D. holder in Pharmacology



Preceding Course



Anatomy - Physiology - Biochemistry



Main Subjects



  1. Chemotherapy (Cytotoxic drugs).
  2. Drugs affecting the Endocrine System.
  3. Dermatological Preparations.
  4. Eye Preparations.
  5. Ear & Nose Preparations.
  6. Drugs used in obstetrics & gynaecology.
  7. Principles of Toxicology.
  8. Important Drug Interactions and Their Mechanisms.



Main Teaching Strategies



Delivery of Lectures , Holding Class

Seminars , Class Discussion



Methods of Assessment



§         45% At least 2 theory exams during the term.

§         5% Attendance and behavior.

§         50% Final examination.






  1. Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological basis of Therapeutics (The latest edition).
  2. Basic & clinical pharmacology, by Bertman 0. Katzung (the latest edition).
  3. Pharmacology, by Rang, Dale & Ritter (the latest edition).
  4. Clinical Pharmacology; Laurence & Bennett (the latest edition).
  5. Pharmacology; Jacob, L.S. (the latest edition).



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