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CHEM 211


Description of the Subject:

 Upon completion of this course the student is expected to:

1.     Understand the role of central medical stores.

2.     Have good knowledge of organizational chart and relationship between hospital pharmacy and central medical store.

3.     Know the principles of preparing drug procurement request from central medical stores.

4.     Understand the role of pharmacy technician within central medical stores.

5.     Know principles of quality assurance in drug flow operations (procurement and recall).








Course and Title Code



Medical Stores Supply

PHR 305






3 hours weekly For 15 weeks.









Teaching Staff Required



Assistant Professor or Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.





Preceding Courses



Pharmacology-Pharmaceutics-Hospital Pharmacy-Pharmaceutical Material Management.



Main Subjects



  • Central store house building.
  • Organizational chart of central store personnel.
  • Administrative principles of procurement of drugs.
  • Statistical reporting to the central stores.
  • Store house relations with hospital pharmacy and primary health care pharmacy.
  • Management of store operations.



Main Teaching Strategies



Delivery of Lectures, Holding Class Seminars, Class Discussion.



Methods of Assessment



  • 45% At least 2 theory exams during the term.
  • 5% Attendance and behavior.
  • 50% Final examination.






  1. Hospital's Drugs Formulary (recent copy).
  2. MIMS-Middle East (recent copy).
  3. British National Formulary (BNF) (recent copy).
  4. Medical Index (Middle East) (recent copy).
  5. Pharmacy Practice by Praticia Stone & Stephen J. Curtis.
  6. Hospital Pharmacy; William E. Hassan J.R., Lea-Febiger, Latest Ed.




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