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Pharmaceutical Chemistry
CHEM 211

Description of the subject:

This course includes a blend of chemical and pharmacological principles necessary for understanding the:

1. Structure-activity relationships (SAR) that simplify the understanding the pharmacological activity and side effects.

2. Pharmacokinetics of drugs (ADME).

3. Relation between the molecular structure of drugs with both the pharmaceutical dosage forms and their stability.

These principles are applied to all pharmacological groups.








Course and Title Code



Pharmaceutical Chemistry

CHEM 211






Credit: 2 hrs Theory/week, 1 hr Practical/week

Actual: 2 hrs Theory/week, 2 hrs Practical/week






Second Year, Second Semester, 4th Level



Teaching Staff Required



Assistant Professor or Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.



Preceding Courses



Basic Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Analytical




Main Subjects



1. Antimicrobial agents

2. Cancer chemotherapy

3. Diuretics and drugs acting on the CVS

4. Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs

5. Antihistaminic

6. Drugs acting on the G.LT.

7. Biotechnology products



Main Teaching Strategies



Main teaching method

Modified lecture group discussion written assignment, internet application. 

Main teaching aids

Data show, overhead projector, slides, video & TV, Flip chart, Models Instrument.



Methods of Assessment



Participation, Attendance, Quizzes, Mid term exam, final exam.






1. Wilson and Gisvold’s, Textbook Organic Medicinal Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 10th edition or the latest edition.

2. David A. William, Thomas L. Lemke and William 0. Foye, Foy's Principles of Medicinal Chemistry, 2001.



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