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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Curriculum Vitae

§  Name: Haifa Ali Al-Hedaithy

§  Nationality: Saudi

§  Place of Birth: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

§  Major: Art Education

§ Present Job: Graduate Teaching Assistant in Art Education

 Department – College of Applied Studies and Community

Service, King Saud university, Riyadh


§  Address:  P.O Box 21701    Riyadh 11485

                                    Saudi Arabia  

§  Languages:  Arabic – English (International TOEFL certificate obtained in 2011)



§ At The Moment, Studying to Obtain the PHD Degree

 (College of Education, Art Education department) .

§ Master Degree of Arts in Art Education, From the College of

Education, Art Education department, In The Second

Semester 2010-2011 From King Saud university, Riyadh,

Saudi Arabia. 

§Bachelor Degree of Education in Art In The Field of Art


From the College of Education, Art Education department, 

In The Second Semester  2004-2005 From King Saud university,

 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 



§ Nov. 2008 - Present          Graduate Teaching Assistant in Art 

Education in Art Education Department  – College of Applied 

studies and Community Service at  King  Saud University. 

§ Oct. 2005 – Nov. 2008       Teacher at Alabna High school,




§ 2007      Course in (Designing Modules in the Curriculum of Arts Education).  

§ 2007      Workshop in (Making Simple Beauty).

§ 2008      Course in (Art Criticism in the Art Education).

§ 2008      Course in (Critical Thinking Strategy).

§ 2008      Workshop in (expression Drawings by Using the Clay).

§ 2009      Workshop in (Halife Programe).

§ 2009      Course in (Oil Painting).

§ 2011      Course in (Council On Occupational Education).

§ 2011      Course in English Languge from British Council. 

§ 2011      Workshop in (Ethics of Scientific Research).

§ 2012      Course in English Languge from British Council.

§ 2012      Workshops in (IELS).

§ 2012      Course in Information Assurance (SALEM).

§ 2012      Course in English Languge (056Najm) from King Saud University.

§ 2012      Course in (Basics of E-Learning Management System).

§ 2012      Course in (Evaluation and Tests using Electronic Learning Managment System).

§ 2012      Course in (Virtual Classrooms).


§ 2007                Certificate of Appreciation for the effort in

                           coordinating Art  Education Gallery.

§ 2007-2008      Certificate of Compliments for having the third

                          level in the Sixth Annual Gallery competition of the

                          Fine Art at the Model  institute of the Capital.  



§ 2001- 2005          Art Galleries at King Saud University.

§ 2007-2008           Sixth Annual Gallery competition of the Fine 

                               Art at the Model institute of the Capital.

§ 2009                    Threads & Colors Gallery at King Saud


§ 2009                     Fine Art Gallery at King Saud University.

§ 2009- 2011           Art Galleries at King Saud University.


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