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College of health science/Riyadh

First  exam .For Theoretical of Histocytotechnology  (1)


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- What are the four basic parts of a cell ?



- What is cytosol?



 - Mention only the main function of the following Organelles:

a- Cilia

b- Golgi complex

c- Mitochondria



- What are the three types of granulocytes ? the tow types of agranulocytes?



- Define the fixation?



- What the objective of fixation?



-The choice of fixation should be determined by :

1- ---------------------------------------------------------

11- --------------------------------------------------------


- Mention two of coagulant fixative and two of non coagulant fixative ?



        - What is Dehydration ?



- Draw a section in compact bone ?



 - How can you make 40 % formalin ?



- Name two of decalcification solution ?



- Describe the microscopic structure of golgi complex and

mention 2 of its functions?



- Enumerate the non-membranous organelles of the cell. Discuss structure and function of centrioles?




-Mention 5 characteristics of epithelium?   



- Discuss gap junction ?



- Describe structure and function of mast cell and plasma cell ?



- Enumerate the differences between cartilage and bon ?



-Mention 5 structured differences between skeletal muscle and

cardiac muscle ?




- Describe the structure of a cardiac muscle ?



- How myelin is formed in peripheral nerve fibers?



- Classify nerve cells according to number of processes ?



- Describe the light and electron microscopic picture of blood Capillaries ?





- Describe the structure of splenic lobule ?



- Describe the structure of trachea as seen in longitudinal section ?



- Give a detailed account on mitochondria ?



- Write short notes on the structure & function of each of the following :



C- Nuclear envelope






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