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 Ph. D. thesis title: Title of Thesis: Developmental Toxicity and Cytogenetic Effects of the Anticancer Drug, Heptaplatin, on the Embryos of Laboratory Mice. Date of Discussion- 17-11-2008

Al-Enazy , K. M. and Abou-Tarboush, F.M. (2001): Effects of cyclophosphamide on mice offsprings maternally treated with the drug, a follow-up study. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., 36 (B): 27-42.  

Al-Enazy, K. M. and Abou-Tarboush, F. M. (2001): Teratogenic and toxicologic studies on mice fetuses maternally treated with cyclophosphamide. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., 36(B): 43-59.  



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