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Pharmacology Exam

. Answer the following


     A)What is theTherapeutic use of the following drugs;





2 )Physostigmine


























9) Terbutaline




10) Ephedrine




B)What is the  Adverse effects of the following drugs?(give two)

1) Dopamine




2) Atropine



3) pilocarpine





C) Give names of tow drug as     blockers only.




D)What is the Rout of administration of epinephrine.





E)What is the  Therapeutic  advantage  of the following neuromuscular blocking agent.


1) Rocuronium   





2) Atracurium



f)Give short notes about indirect acting( reversible) cholinergic agonist.







g) Give short notes about  indirect acting adrenergic  agonist.





H) Common adverse effect observed with      blockers.






I) Give name of three drug as      and         blockers only.



Pharmacology I



I. What is the factors modifying the dosage and action of the drug?(give eight factors).













II. Explain the pharmacokinetic drug –drug interaction during the following ;

A) Absorption





B) Distribution



C) Metabolism.






III; What is the therapeutic use of the following drugs:(give tow)


1) Atropine






2) Epinephrine





3) Dopamine




4) Timolol


5) Propranolol






6) Terbutaline






7) Ipratropium





8) Neostigmine




9) Phenylephrine




10) Amphetamine







VI: Give names of the drugs work as the following: (give tow)

1)       And       blockers.




2) Neuromuscular blocking agent.




3)Parasympathomimetic .





4) Reactivation of acetylcholine esterase.




V) What is the adverse effect commonly observed with the following:

1. Cholinergic antagonist.









2) Adrenergic agonist.













Hospital pharmacy

A. What is the role of pharmacy department in the hospital?




















B. W hat is the role of pharmacist assistants in the pharmaceutical services?





















C. How to control of expiry date for all medication?








D. How to deal with prescription of narcotic drugs?














E: There are two systems in –patient medication dispensation. What are they? And give ten comparison between them?
























Student name:







Hospital pharmacy


Final Exam








I: There are two systems in –patient medication dispensation. What are they? And give ten comparison between them?


















II: Pharmacy Quality control committee held monthly meeting to provide and maintain (keep), highest quality services possible to patient and this is done by:

A) Keeping high standard of staff efficiency.

B) Setting (using)a system of checking ,on all pharmaceutical services

















III. Explain the following:

A)Role of pharmacist Assistants in the pharmaceutical services (in central Hospital)?










B)Ways to estimate of drug requirement of the pharmacy?









C) Refill system.










D) Control of expiry date for all medication.












                                  Pharmacology 2


Answer the following:

I. Give two drug as  example of the following :

  1. First generation H1 Histamine blockers.




2. Second generation H1  Histamine blockers.





3. Histamine H2 blockers .





4. Non –steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.




5. Drug used for gout.






II. What is the different in action between NSAID (aspirin) and acetaminophen? (give three)






III. Give name of three drugs interact with salicylate.









IV. What is the therapeutic use of H1 antihistamine?  Give three.









V. What is the adverse effect observed with first generation H1- histamine blockers? ( give 3)









VII. What is the adverse effect observed with H2 – histamine blockers.? ( give 5)


















VIII. What is the following drug used for:


1. Diphenoxylate






2. Castor oil






3. Glycerin suppositories






4. Metoclopramide






5. Theophyline






6. Salbutamol





7. Dextromethorphan







8. Misoprostol







9. Sucralafate


10. propranolol.




Name :


                                        Pharmacology  2

                                          Final exam

I. What Are the the following drug used for?

1. Bromocriptine






2. Phenytoin






3. ketamine





4. Morphine





5. Amphetamine






6. Impiramine






7. Amantadine





8. Fluoxetine




9. Halothane



10. Famotidine




11. Castor oil



12. Glycerine suppository



13. Naproxine



14. Diphenhydramine






15. Ergotamine .






II. What is the the drug used in treatment the Parkinson disease?(give 2).

    And what is their mechanism of action ?













III. What is the adverse effect of the following drug?(give 3) 


 1. Morphine









3. First generation  H1- histamine blockers.







VI: give two  drug as example for the following:

 1. Inhaled  anesthetic drug.




2. Muscle relaxant drug.





3. Tricyclic antidepressant.





4. Antagonist  for opioid analgesic




5. Propionic acid ( NSAID ).





6. Irritant and stimulant laxative.





7. Antimotility agent  used as antidiarrhea.





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