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Name : Naïf Obaid  Alharbi
Nationality: Saudi
Date of Birth : December 31,1959

              Dept. of pharmacy 
              Heath college
              King saud university
              P.O.BOX: 106120 Riyadh 11666    
  Kingdom of Saudi arabia             


            Assistant professor  
            Dept. of pharmacy
           Health college   
            King saud university

PH . D degree in  pharmacology (1995) university of
 Wales ( U.K).
Bachelor of science in pharmaceutical sciences (1985)
King saud university , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia


-Assistant Professor (pharmacology) Health college
 24-6- 1429
-Member  ,health collage as external visitor  to teach
 Pharmacology  and Hospital pharmacy Since 1417H
-Supervisor of drug clearance (M.O.H) 1420-142
-Director of central lab for drug  and food analysis
-Head of pharmacy department Health college Jeddah
-Director of pharmaceutical since in M..O.H. TAIF
- Head of pharmaceutical care (Maternity hospital taif)


Scientific project:
studies on the quality and toxicity of finished herbal drug
 formulation marketed in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia
 ( funds by KAKS)

     Scientific meeting          

1)Member of drug  Registration Committee (M.O.H.)
since 1420 H

2)Head of drug classification committee since 1421-1429

3)Member of drug and Medical supplies committee
1418- 1422

4)Member of scientific meeting for pharmacy technician
drug program.

5)Member of committee of interview of new pharmacist in
Syria 1423

6) Member committee of  solving  the difficulty in drug
supply (M.O.H.)




-The first international congress in Biotechnology
Riyadh  16-18 Feb. 2009

-World congress of pharmacy and
pharmaceutical            sciences Cairo 2005

-Antibiotic Resistance Awareness day Existing problem
and future challenges  November 2002

-Herbal  Medicine, phytopharmacutical and other
natural products , trends and Advances . Colombo
srilnka 12-17 June 2002

-Opinion leader on the human Behavior time
management- Riyadh- APRIL14-2002

-The active communication customer care Riyadh
17-28 ,2001

-7th International congress therapeutic drug monitoring
Washington  DC  USA 1-6 200

-Post marketing surveillance Training seminar s Riyadh
25-27, 1997


- Suppression of immunopathology in experimental murine Schistosomiasis by interleukin -18 –targeted fusion toxin, DAB IL-18 . Saleh bahashwan .Mohammed A. Ali. Khalid Shadid IL-18 . ,Ahmed A. Fayed, Naif O Al Harbi.oral presentation in American society of tropical medicine conference ,November3-7-2010 AtlantaGiorgiaUSA    

-  Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Antiparkinsonism Activities of Some Novel Pyridazine Derivative Naif O. Al-Harbi, 1SalehA.Bahashwan.Journal of American science 2010,6(8)       


-  QUALITY AND TOXICITY STUDY ON DEVIL'S CLAW CAPSULES MARKE IN     SAUDIA ARABIA 1Naif O. Al-Harbi, 2Arif H. Shah, 3Mohamed J.H. Faraj    , 4Nawal A. AbAlkhail,    5Riyadh M. Al-Ashban and 6 Saleh A. Baha Zagazig  .j. June  2010  vol,pp.1-11        

- STUDYON THE QUALITY AND TOXICITY OF CAT'S CLAW CAPSULES , Naif Obaid Al-Harbi(1) , Arif Hosin Shah(2), Mohamed Jamal Din Hamed Faraj(3), Nawal Abd-Allah Aba-Alkhail El- (4) RiyadhMohamed Al-Ashban(5,. December 2008 vol,pp25-37

        ( Benzofuran-2-yl)(4-cyanophenyl) –methyl)-  1H-imidazole (Bl): apotent and selective inhibitor of aromatase.N.o ,Alharbi,E.ferandez  -  ,M..Ahmadi,R.Whomsley, p.j.Nicholls,  .H.J.smith  and*A.Menarini lndustrie farmaceutici Rinuite,50131 Firenze,italy .  international congress on hormonal steroid September 24- 29 ,1994 ,Dallas  , U.S.A.                             

Nafimidone (NFM) Inhibitors cytochrome P450 enzyme of the steroidgenic pathway   N.O. AL-Harbi ,S.J. Presteseille,W.R.Whomsley,P.J .Nichollsand H.J. Smith   Sc.europian journal of endocrinology,volume 130- suppl 2-June 1994

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