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تحميل الدليل التدريبي

أسئلة شائعة

Administrative Law                 




 232 Law




A-   General introduction.

B-   Definition of Administrative Law.

-         Historical evolution. 

-         Features of Administrative Law.

-         The place of Administrative Law among law sciences.


C- The Sources of Administrative Law:

    - Legislation

    - Customs

    - Jurisprudence

    - General principles


D-   Administrative Organization

-         Centralization and Decentralization.

-         Administrative organization in KSA.

-         Centralization and Disorganization in KSA.  

(Region, governor, communes)


E-    Administrative action.

-         Public service.

-         Administrative police.

-         Others mean.


F-    Administrative Decisions



Bibliographical Sources


1- Saudi Administrative Law        Dr. Anouar Rslan.

2- Courses in Saudi Administrative Law           Dr. Baker Alkabbany

3- Principles of Administrative Law              Dr. Sulaiman Altamaaye.

4- Saudi Administrative Law                    Dr. Alsiead Hukal 

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