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List of Publications:                                                                   


1. “Electroplated Cu2S-CdS photovoltaic  A.M.Al-Dhafiri, P.C.Pande, G.J.Russell and J.Woods.

                Journal of Crystal Growth 86 (1988) 900.

 2.  “Cd0.8Zn0.2S-Cu2S single crystal solar cells”


              1st Saudi Symposium on Energy Utilization Conservation, March 4-7,   

              1990,  King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

 3.  “The effect of CdS surface topography on electrical and optical

                Characteristics of solar ells”


                Proceeding of the Workshop on Materials Science and Development, 18-21

                January 1992, Muscat, Oman.

 4.  “Electrochemical control of the Cu2S phase in Cu2S-CdS photovoltaic cells”

                A.M.Al-Dhafiri, G.J.Russelland J.Woods.

                Semiconductor Science Technology Journal, 6 (1991) 983.

 5.  “Degradation in CdS-Cu2S photovoltaic solar cells”

                A.M.Al-Dhafiri, G.J.Russelland J.Woods.

                Semiconductor Science Technology Journal, 7 (1992) 1052.

 6.  “Improvement of CdS-Cu2S solar cell performance by CdS etching under



                Australian Journal of Physics 45 (1992) 99.

 7.  “Influence of laser etching on the surface preparation of cadmium sulphide     

         Schottky barrier”


        Canadian Journal of Physics 71 (1993) 1272.

  8.  “Crystallographic and optical absorption characterization of CdSxSe1-x alloys  for 0<x<1”,A.A.Al-Bassam and A.M.Al-Dhafiri,  

               Journal of Crystal Growth 134 (1993) 63.

  9.  “Structural and lattice parameter of cadmium sulphide selenide (CdSxSe1-x)

                mixed crystals”

                A.A.Al-Bassam, A.A.Al-Juffali and A.M.Al-Dhafiri.

                Journal of Crystal Growth 135 (1994) 476.

        10  “The mechanism of the oxygen annealing in gold surface barriers on

               CdSxSe1-x devices”

               A.M.Al-Dhafiri and A.A.Al-Bassam.

               Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 33 (1994)

         11. “Electrical properties of UV photochemically treated CdTe”


               Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 40 (1996) 221.

          12.  “XRF studies and electrical characteristics of cadmium telluride Schottky



               14th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, June 30th-July 4th,                1997, Spain.

          13. “Global, direct and diffuse solar irradiance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia”

                 M.A.Al-Ayed, M.Bin Mahfoodh, and A.M.Al-Dhafiri.

                 Renewable Energy Journal 14 (1998) 244.

           14.  “Photovoltaic properties of CdTe-Cu2S”


                  Renewable Energy Journal 14 (1998) 101.

           15. “Development of spray technique for the preparation of thin films and

                  characterization of tin oxide transparent conductors”

                  F.A.Amanullah, M.S.Al-Mobarak, A.M.Al-Dhafiri and K.M.Al-Shibani.                   

                    Journal of Materials Chemistry and Physics, 59 (1999) 101.


          16. “ Long-term monitoring and analysis of hourly solar UV radiation in 

                  the 290-380 nm range in the Middle Region of Saudi Arabia”

                 A.M.Al-Dhafiri, M.S.AL-AYED and M. BIN MAHFOODH

                  Journal of Air & Waste Management Association, 50(2000) 174.

                    17. “Aluminum induced crystallization of PECVD grown amorphous silicon   and  it’s application to silicon solar cell fabrication”

                   Ram Kishore, A.M.Al-Dhafiri, H.El-Jammal, H.A.Naseem and W.D. Brown. 

                   Proceeding of the 24th National Renewable Energy Convention 2000 of

                  the Solar Energy Society of India, Nov. 30-Dec. 2, 2000.

18. “TEM, SEM and XRD studies of metal induced crystallization (MIC) of  a-Si”.

               A.M.Al-Dhafiri, H.A.Naseem, Ram Kishore and W.D.Brown.

               Presented in the Regional World Renewable Energy Congress and 7th Arab                 Conference on  Solar Energy, 19th-22nd Feb. 2001, Sharjah, UAE.

            19. “Study of electrical properties of gallium arsenide Schottky junction”

                  A.Z.Mamun, A.M.Al-Dhafiri, and F.M.Amanullah.

                 Regional World Renewable Energy Congress and 7th Arab Conference on

                 Solar Energy, 19th-22nd Feb. 2001, Sharjah, UAE.

         20. “Studies on the performance of silicon solar modules/cells due to aging,

                 thermal, and laser irradiation effects”

                 F.M.Amanullah and A.M.Al-Dhafiri.

                 Regional World Renewable Energy Congress and 7th Arab Conference on

                 Solar Energy, 19th-22nd Feb. 2001, Sharjah, UAE.

             21. “Structural, Optical, and Electrical Properties of Crystallized amorphous silicon Produced by PECVD”

                 A.M.Al-Dhafiri, K.Sharif, H.A.Naseem and D.Nelms.

                 presented in the 17th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy

                 Conference, Munich, Germany, 22nd-26th, 2001.

          22. “Isothermal and isochronal studies of the structural and electrical

                 properties of CdTe thin film”


                Journal of Crystal Research Technology 37(9) (2002) 950.

            23.  “Structural and electrical properties of Au/Si:H Diodes”


                 Accepted for Publication in Journal of  King Saud University, Science  section.


         24.   Isochronal studies of a-Si:H crystallization and the performance of It’s

                  Schottky barriers”


                 Journal of Crystal Research Technology 37 (4) (2002) 370.

      25. "Influence of nitrogen Trifluoride nitrogen plasma treatment on the       

                formation  of Hillocks during the aluminum induced crystallization of a-


               A.M.Al-Dhafiri, A.Sharyiah, H. El-Jammal, H.A.Naseem and 


               Journal of Thin Solid Films 422 (2002) 14 .

        26. "Polycrystalline silicon films prepared by vacuum annealing of aluminum                capped amorphous silicon'

              A.M. Al-Dhafiri

               Journal of Saudi chemical Society 6 (2) (2002) 365.

        27. “Crystallization of  PECVD-deposited amorphous silicon thin films using the aluminum-induced crystallization technique".

               A. M. Al-Dhafiri 

               Journal of King Saud University, Engineering section, 15 (2) 157.  

         28. "Comparison of aluminum induced crystallization of Sputtered amorphous silicon in Al/Si and Si/Al configuration   

               A. M. Al-Dhafiri, H. A. Naseem, R. Kishore, W. D. Brown.

               Invited paper in the 11th International workshop on the physics of 

                semiconductor devices, December, 11-15, 2001, Delhi, India.  

        29. “Measurement and assessment of ultraviolet radiation in Riyadh, Saudia  Arabia”

               M. Bin Mahfoodh, M.S.Al-Ayed and A.M.Al-Dhafiri  

               Int. J. of Sustainable Energy, 22 (1-2) (2003) 31-38.

         30. “Optimization and characterization of transparent conductive undoped ZnO 

                films for solar cells application”

                F.M.Amanullah and A.M.Al-Dhafiri.

                 PV in Europe from PV technology to energy solution- Conference and 

                 Exhibition Palazzo dei Congressi Rome, Italy, 7-11 Oct. 2002.

         31. "Chlorine-Doped CdS Thin Films From CdCl2-Mixed CdS Powder"      

                H. Abu-Safe, M. Hossain, H.Naseem, W.Brown and A.M.Al-Dhafiri.

                Journal of Electronic Materials 33 (2) (2004) 128-134.

  32. "Metal Induced Crystallization (MIC) of a-Si produced by magnetron 


              A. M. Al-Dhafiri. 

             Accepted for presentation in the 31st IEEE Photovoltaics Specialist Conf.,

              3- 7 Jan., 2005, Orlando, Floreida, USA.

     33. " Co-Activation Effect of Chlorine on the Physical Properties of CdS Thin    

                 Films Prepared by CBD Technique for Photovoltaic Application"               

               F.M.Amanullah, A.S.Al-Shammari, A.M.Al-Dhafiri.                                  

                  Submitted for Publication in Physica Status Solidi (b).  

 34. “Performance assessment of the Si modules solar cells as a function of                             

              time and high energy particle irradiation.”

              F.M.Amanullah and A.M.Al-Dhafiri.

              Submitted for Publication in Journal of Journal of Solar Energy Material

              And Solar Cells.

     35.  “Direct observation of aluminum-induced nucleation and crystallization of

              amorphous silicon (a-Si: H) at 150°C.

              Ram Kishore, A.M.Al-Dhafiri, H.A.Naseem, and W.D.Brown.

              Submitted for publication in Journal of Applied Physics

   36. “In-Situ x-ray diffraction studies of aluminum-induced crystallization of

          PECVD amorphous silicon at low temperature”

          Ram Kishore, Chris Hotz, A.M.Al-Dhafiri, H.A.Naseem, and W.D.Brown.

         Submitted for publication in Journal of Applied Physics.

       37. "Metal Induced Crystallization (MIC) of a-Si Produced by Magnetron Sputtering"

       A.M.Al-Dhafiri and H.A.Naseem.

        Proceeding of 31st IEEE PVSC ,  3-7/1/2005, Florida, USA.


   38. "Fabrication and Operation Results of Multipurpose Low Power Stand  Alone PV Refrigeration System".

         F.M.Amanullah and A.M.Al-Dhafiri.

         20th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy

         Conference and Exhibition, 6-10/6/2005. 

    39. "Co-activation Effect of Chlorine on the Physical Properties of CdS Thin  

        Films Prepared by CBD Technique for Photovoltaic Applications"

        F.M.Amanullah, A.S.Al-Shammari and A.M.Al-Dhafiri.

        Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 202, No.13, 2474-2478 (2005) 

  40. "Physical Properties of CdS Thin Films on Flexible substrates for Optoelectronic  

         Applications, F.M Amanullah, A.S.Al-Shammari, A.M.Al-Dhafiri, U.A.Elani   22nd EU 

         PVSEC, 3-7 September 2007 in Milan, Italy.


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