Curriculum Vitae


Personal Data:

Name:                                    Saeed Alei N. AL Malki     

Date of birth:                       1406 H- 1985 A.D  

Nationality:                         Saudi

Marital status:                    Single

Address:                                Riyadh 


Education Qualifications:

1. Bachelor of Education – 2007 A.D

- Department: Special Education

- Major: mental retardation 

Work Experience:

1. Worked as a teacher of special education, mental retardation for 1 year.

2. At present, working as assistant professor in King Saud University.

Training courses:

1 Training course of "Psychological engineering applications in education"

2. Training course of "Building skills of Individual Education Plan"

3. Training course of " Learning Disabilities in reading and writing diagnosis and


4. Attendance of "Learning Disabilities Conference" in Saudi Arabia

5. Attendance of "With special needs and the community" in Saudi Arabia

6. Training course of "First aid"



Reading, Sport, traveling and Technology


1. Mastering computer (Microsoft office: Windows- Word- Excel) and typing tutor.

2.  Internet browser

3. Fair English (written & spoken)

4. Attendance, good conduct and work liability

5. Good communications with others

6. Self development

7- Ability to find effective and quick solutions.