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السيرة الذاتية
السيرة -انجليزي
الموقع باللغة العربية

Curriculum Vitae



Personal Information :

Gender:                 Male

Marital status:        single

Nationality:            Saudi

Date of Birth:                 1983

Place of Birth:                Saudi Arabia      


Contact Numbers :

Phone: 0096664311197

    096664321820Fax:    email:

11352  mail box:1698       mail code


Education  :                                              

        High school – Al-majma'ah scientific institute    1998  – 2000    

-      Al-Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University   2001 – 2004  

                                            College of legislation-Al-Riyadh

2007-till now    studying the (MA) in the department of criminal justice at Naif    Arab University for security sciences. 


Work Experiense :

I worked at Majlis Ash-shura for three years.


Attended conference :

  I attended and participated in many conferences, and in many interior and exterior activities:                             

. Arabic texts processing

. Office documents arrangement

. Office modern techniques

. General Secretary

. Arranging appointments and tasks by computer

. Organizing meetings

. Preparing reports

. Lawful formation of parliamentary reports  



References :

. Available in request






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