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Eng. 112 (Listening and Speaking I)

Syllabus and Course Description   

Course Description:

This course aims to develop the students’ speaking and listening skills. By the end of the term students are supposed to master several speaking techniques that they have learned throughout the semester. The multiple in-class activities as well as the ones that the students prepare at home help in developing their speaking skills. A student will be able to stand in front of a crowd and speak about different topics in different communicative situations, and produce spoken language that has an acceptable level of clarity.


Grades Distribution:

10%: one pair activity

10% one group activity

20% two minor activities

20% one major activity

40%: one final activity


Academic Calendar:

 week 1

 add + drop week

 week 2

 Introduction to the course + tips of effective presentation

 week 3

 activity 1: talk about an incident that affected your life

 week 4

 activity 1

 week 5

 activity 2: in-class activity

 week 6

 activity 2

 week 7

 activity 3: talk about a famous product (group work)



 week 8

 activity 4: major activity

 week 9

 activity 4

 week 10

 activity 5: interview (pair work)

 week 11

 activity 5

 week 12

 final activity

 week 13

 final activity

 Week 14

 final activity



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