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Eng. 120 (Vocabulary Building)

Syllabus and Course description


     This 1st level course aims at helping students expand their vocabularies' list where they are expected to learn the meaning and the spelling of new words regarding different topics. Dictionary skills are developed in this class where students are trained how to figure out the meaning, the form, and the pronunciation of difficult words.

 Text Book:

 Thomas, B J. Intermediate Vocabulary. England, Longman Group Limited, 1995.

 Grades Distribution:

 15% 1ST in-term

15% 2nd in-term

10% quizzes

60% Final  

 Academic Calendar:


 Week 1: Add & Drop.

 Week 2: A general introduction about the course.

 Week 3: Air Travel: At the Airport/ In the Air/ propositions.

 Week 4: Bank Accounts: Current and Deposit Accounts/ Using your

             Account/ Spending. Mini Topics: Argument/


 Week 5: Books and Reading: Kinds of Books/ Reading/ explain the    

             difference between words/ Propositions. Mini Topics:


 Week 6:  Doctors and Hospitals: Medical Staff and Patients/ Doctors'

               Surgeries and Hospitals. Mini topic: Pride. A Quiz

 Week 7: Education. Flats and Houses: Renting a flat/ Buying a house/

              explain the Difference.

 Week 8:  1st in-term.

 Week 9:  Spring Break.

 Week 10: Food and Restaurants: Eating out/ Entertaining at home. Mini

              Topics: Birth/ Childhood and Adolescence/ Death.

 Week 11: International Relations: A Summit Meeting/ Diplomatic

                Relations. Mini Topics: The Telephone/ Computers. A Quiz.

 Week 12: Natural Disasters: Earthquake and Epidemic/ Fire. Shopping:

                Kinds of Shops/ Going Shopping. Mini Topics: Human Sounds.

 Week 13: Television and Newspapers. Ways of Looking/Walking.

                Collective Nouns/Young animals/ Occupations/ male and


 Week 14: 2nd in-term.

 Week 15: Word Building: Prefixes/ Suffixes. Nouns made from verbs/

                 Nouns made from Adjectives/ Adjectives made from Nouns/

                 Adjectives made from Verbs/Verbs made from Nouns/ Verbs

                 made from Adjectives. Problem Pairs.

 Week 16:  Course wrap up.

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