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Eng. 312. Essay Writing:

Course Description:

            This course aims to help students improve their writing ability through writing long essays. It focuses on two types of essays, classification and process, both directional and informational. It helps students focus on different kinds of introductions and develop the appropriate thesis statement for each kind of essay. It also attempts to help students develop many skills such as using the appropriate transitions, vocabulary, supportive details, and so on.

Text Book:

Smalley, Regina L, Mark K. Ruetten, & Joann Rishel Kozyrev. Refining Composition   

    Skills: Rhetoric and Grammar.  London: Heinle & Heinle, 2000.  


Grades Distribution:

20% 1st In-term

20% 2nd In-term

60%  final.

Academic Calendar:

Meeting time: Sunday 8-10.

Week 1:  Introduction.

Weeks 2, 3: Working on classification essay.

Week 4, 5:  Working on samples of students’ writing in class.

Week 6: 1st in-term, in class writing.

Week 7:  Working on a process analysis directional essay.

Week 8: Working on a process informational essay.

Week 9: Spring Break

Week 10: Working on samples of both essays in class.

Week 11:  In class writing, the informational process essay.

Week 12: In class writing, the directional process essay.

Week 13: Working on students own writing.

Week 14: 2nd in-term, in class.

Week 15: Course wrap up.


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