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Eng: 113 Reading Comprehension  

Credit hours: 2 prerequisite

Course Description: Students should be systematically introduced to reading different types of English texts. Emphases should be laid on extraction of information and through comprehension of the texts. Acknowledgment the constituents of any essay, or article such as, thesis statement, topic sentences of development paragraph, supportive details, and conclusion of the text are essential skills in this course. Other important skills should be practiced such as guessing meaning of unfamiliar word, and drawing and rudimentary inferences from text should also be emphasized.

Text Book: Kirn, E. And Pamela Hartmann. Interactions 2: Reading. New York McGraw-hill, 2002

Class Meeting: Sunday. 10-12.

Grade distribution:

15% 1st In-term

15%  2nd In-term

10 % assignments+ participation+ quiz

60 % Final Exam.



Material to be Covered


Add & Drop

Week 1

Introduction to the Course

Week 2

Chapter 1

Week 3

Chapter 2

Week 4

Chapter 3   

Week 5


Week 6

Chapter 4

Week 7

1st  in-term exam

Week 8


Week 9

Chapter 5

Week 10

Chapter 6

Week 11

Chapter 7

Week 12

Chapter 8 

Week 13

2nd  in-term exam

Week 14


Week 15



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