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Course Outline

2nd semester  1431-32/ 2011

Course Title: Speaking 1
Course Number: Eng 112
Course Level: 1
Hours of Instruction per Week:  2
Course description:
This is the first speaking course in the curriculum. It is one of the language courses taught in the first level to strengthen the students’ English language skills. It contains a series of speaking activities and mini presentations, which ascend in language and difficulty along the course. At the end, each student should provide a presentation to exercise their speaking skills.
Course requirements:

-        Attend class regularly. If you are absent for 25% of you classes, you will be warned. If you are absent 50%, you will be banned from the final presentation.

-        Come to class on time. If you are late for more than 10 minutes, for the first time, you will be noticed. If you are late for the second time, you are counted as absent.

-        Participate fully in class.

-        In class, you must turn off your cell phones, and cease all conversations that are not related to your course.

-        If you missed a class, it is your responsibility to contact your classmates to find out what you missed and what is your requirements for the next class.

-        There will not be any alternative presentations, unless you have a legitimate excuse that could not be avoided.

Methods of Assessment:

  • 60% on weekly activities including:

Midterm presentation: 20%

Mini-presentations: 15%

In-class activities and participation: 20 %

Attendance: 5%

  • 40% on final presentation




Week 1 (15/2/2011)


Week 2 (22/2/2011)

Introduction—Syllabus distribution and discussion

Introduce yourself

Week 3 (1/3/2011)

How to prepare an oral presentation

Week 4 (8/3/2011)

In-class activity

Interviewing and Introducing Each other

Week 5 (15/3/2011)


What is the most embarrassing, sad, or funny situation in your life? (5 points)

Week 6(22/3/2011)

In class activity:

In-class discussion- What if…

Week 7 (29/3/2011)


Where do you see yourself ten years from now? (5 points)

Week 8 (5/4/2011)

In class activity:

Role play- telephone conversation

Week 9 (12/4/2011)


Week 10 (19/4)


2- minute oral presentation- Open Choice (20 points)

An outline is required

Week 11 (26/4)


Week 12 (3/5)

In class activity:

Summarizing articles related to current issues

Week 13 (10/5)


TV commercial   (5 points)

Week 14 (17/5)

In-class activity:

Debate – different topics

Week 15 (24/5)

Final presentation   (40 points)

An outline is required


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