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1.      First International Conference on ‘ Best of East & West - Nurturing Performing Organisations’

at P.I.M.R., Indore, India ( sponsored by A.I.C.T.E., Delhi),

 Jan. 30 –31, 2007 .

( Also spoke on Synthesising Eastern & Western Management Thoughts).

 2.      36th National Convention of I.S.T.D. , Mumbai

Feb.10-11, 2006.

( Presented a paper on “ Creating Better Performance Culture through Change Management Strategies).

          3.   Regional  Convention  of  ISTD,  Mumbai  Chapter,

       February  14 - 14, 2003.

      ( Presented  a  paper  on ‘ Optimising  HR  Training 

      Effectiveness  for  Higher  Productivity’.)

         4.   World Confederation of Productivity Sciences, Western Region,

      Conference  on Productivity, BSES- IPSDM,  Mumbai

      April 1999.

      ( Presented a Paper on ‘Productivity in Public Enterprise’

5.    National Seminar on "HRD: Institution - Industry Interface"

                at NITIE, Bombay, February 13, 1994 (Was Chief  Co-ordinator

                 and also presented a paper).        

         6.    XXIII   ISTD  National  Convention  on  "Managing   Emerging

                Challenges  of  Human Resource Management" at  Bhopal,  M.P,

                India, Dec. 17-19, 1993.

                (Presented  a Paper on "HRM Consequences of  Changing  Human


                 7.    National  Seminar  on  "Commerce  Education  in  a  Changing

                Scenario: Perspectives" at Hyderabad, India, Dec.1992.

                (Presented  a paper on "Restructuring Commerce  Education  -

                Instructional Methodology Upgradation).       

        8.    Workshop  on "National Policy on Education:  Strategies  for

                Implementation and Action Plan" organised by Indian  Society

                for  Technical  Education  and  TTTIs,  at  SJ  College   of

                Engineering, Mysore, India, June,26-27, 1986 (Was a Resource

                Person from NITIE, Bombay).

                                                                                                                                                                                             9.    International  Seminar on "Public Enterprise Policy  in  the

               Eighties",  organised by Institute of Public Enterprise  and

               London Business School, U.K., at I.P.E. Hyderabad, India,


      10.    National Seminar on "Management of Research and  Development

               in Public Sector", at I.P.E, Hyderabad, India, July,1984.      

      11.    National Seminar on "Productivity in Public Enterprises"

               at I.P.E, Hyderabad, India, February,1984.      

      12.   National  Seminar  on  "Senior Research  Workers  in  Public

              Enterprises" at I.P.E, Hyderabad, India, March,1982.       

      13.   Annual   Conference   on  "Research   and   Development   in

              Educational   Technology"   of   Indian   Association    for

              Educational Technology at Hyderabad, India, February,1982.

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