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Personal Information

Name\ Reem Abdulrahman Almuhareb

Occupation\ Teacher Assistant at Special Education DPT. of  KSU.

Specialization\ Special Education - Mental Retardation



Bachelor Degree in. Special Education, Specialization: Mental retardation

With (Excellent Grade) of the First class of Honor: King Saud  University(2006-2007) with a G.P.A of (4.89) out of (5,00).


Working as a teacher assistant at the special education DPT. of King Saud University from June 2008 to present.

Special education teacher at Early Intervention  Department of Down Syndrome Charitable Association from Feb.(2008) to Apr.(2008) .

Voluntary teacher at Disabled Children Association from Nov.(2007) to Jan.(2008) .

Voluntary teacher at Comprehensive Habilitation Center for girls  from Jul.(2007) to Aug.(2007), and from Jul.(2006) to Aug.(2006).

Workshops & Seminars

-Attendance of seminar titled (Special Education in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Coping of  Modernism & Future Challenges )at King Saud University from 29/11/2005 to 30/11/2005.

-Attendance of workshop titled ( How to deal with Autistic teenagers)that held at Special Education Academy ,Riyadh from 8/4/2006 to 9/4/2006.

-Attendance of workshop titled (Behavior Modification) that  held at German Saudi Hospital, Riyadh from 23/4/2006 to 25/4/2006.

-Attendance of lecture titled (Learning through playing) at Down Syndrome Charitable Association, Riyadh (2006).

-Attendance of lecture titled (How to Deal with Unacceptable child behavior) at Down Syndrome Charitable Association, Riyadh (2006).

-Attendance of seminar titled (Recent Developments of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) that held at king Saud University on 9/1/2007.

-Attendance  of workshop titled (1..2..3.. strategy & its Application  for Correction of Behavior) at King Saud University in (2007)

-Attendance  of workshop titled (The Latest Development of  Treating Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder ،ADHD) that  held at king Faisal Specialist Hospital &Research Center on 21/2/2008.

-Attendance of  lecture titled ( The Entrance to Train Children with Down Syndrome ) at Down Syndrome Charitable Association, Riyadh (2008).

-Attendance of ( The Constituent Session of the New Faculty Members) at K.S.U from 13/10/2008 to 15/10/2008.

-Attendance  of workshop titled (The Role of the Faculty Members in the Evaluation of External and Institutional Developmental Program)  that held on 19/10/2008.

-Attendance  of workshop titled (Development review and evaluation of outer for King Saud University ; Steps in the way of credit) that held at K.S.U on 21/10/2008 .

Voluntary Works

- Participation in Delivering an edification lecture titled (Know more about Autism) in Rabout Al Riyadh meeting on 14/7/2008 .

-Participation in organizing (Yala Maana) Festival for the activities of  the International Day for Down's Syndrome in (2008).

-Participation in the seventh Awareness Campaign under organization of  Down Syndrome Charitable Association, in the Kingdom Mall, Riyadh (2008)

-Participation in organizing  the fourth festival of (Charity Heritage Village) at Disabled Children Association ,Riyadh in (2006).

- Writing many poems that describe situations of  people with special needs .  


-Obtained ICDL certificate in (2008).

- 3 English language courses from British Council in (2008)  .

- English language course from Direct English in (2007) .

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