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Curriculum Vitae


Personal Information:

Name                   : Abdullah Mohsen Almutairi

Date of birth        : 17/06/1977 Corres. 01/07/1397H.

Marital Status     : Married

Email                   :

Mob. No.             : 00966504870300

P.O. Box             : 28 Riyadh 11973

Office tel- no       :0096614673510

Fax                      :0096614674474


-         Bachelor of Education in Islamic Studies – Department of Jurisprudence and its Origins from College of Education in King Saud University on 1420-2000

-         Master of Arts in Education Origins from King Saud University on 1429H-2008G.



-         I worked as a teacher of Islamic Education in Saudi Ministry of Education from 1420H. to 1429H. corresponding to 2000-2008G.

-   I worked as a Graduate Assistant in College of Education - Department of Education frome 12-06-1429 to 7-2-1430 ,16-6-2008 to 3-2-2009.

-         I am working as a lecturer in College of Education – Department of Education since 07/02/1430H.  03/02/2009.


Training courses:

-         Diploma of English language from Alfaisal International Academic 2004G (9months).

-         Training course of English language from Vancouver, Canada 2004 (one month).

-         Training course in English Language in East Porn, Britain 2005 (one month).

-         Training course in computer: basic – Data Entry – Excel – Access (for six months).

-         Training course in formulation of class questions from Ministry  of Education (three days).

-         Training course in formulation of exams questions from Ministry of Education (three days).

-         Training course in teaching religious curriculums from Ministry of Education (three days).

-         Training course in preparing new staff members from King Saud University (three days).


Interests and activities:

-         Writing essays in ideological and general affairs in Saudi Newspapers. Weakly essay in Saudi newspaper of Alwattan, my role is reading books in Saudi newspaper of Alriyadh.

-         Participation in national negotiation conference special for education in the Kingdom 2007.

-         Participations in TV interviews in a number of local, Arabic and international channels, the local one such as (Al-Ekhbariah Newspaper (Al-Arabiah (MBC – Ibc), Orbit, Alhayat, Aletisadiah, the international one such as BBC, Alhurrah, about ideological, educational and political cases.

-         I worked as a coordinator for a philosophical session in the literary club in Riyadh from 6-2008.

-         I worked as a consultant in Arabian Saudi Magazine for issuing a series of cultural Arabic books from 5-2008.


Researches, Studies, Lectures and Symposiums:

-         A research titled: "the brain…. A first attempt in thinking" presented in Literary club in Hail 2003.

-         A research titled: "The punctilio brain as an alternative for surrendered brain" presented in Literary Club in Hail 2004.

-         A lecture about "the brain between the doubt and surrendering" in the cultural meeting bureau in Alqateef 2008.

-         Participation in a symposium titled (Philosophy and its contemporary forms" in Literary club in Hail 2007.

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