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السيرة الذاتية
My Works
الحفظ عند الشناقطة
قصائد عربية
كيف أسلموا؟
Reading Among Students
نصوص إعلامية
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101 American English Idioms
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Why I chose Islam?
Yusuf Estes
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السيرة الذاتية






¨   Abdullah Isa Al Faifi

¨      Nationality: Saudi

¨      Address: Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

¨      Mobile:

¨      E-mail: 



Education and Qualifications

¨      1429 AH, Bachelor of Art in "English" awarded from Al_Imam University, Languages and Translation College.

¨      1427 AH, Diploma in "Computer Applications" awarded from Al_Imam University, Computer College.




¨      Reading Among Students (research).

¨      Translation of "Methods of Memorization in


¨      Several Arabic poems.

¨      Authorizing an electronic book called "How

         Did They Embrace Islam?".




¨     N.D.E phenomena.

¨     Calling to Islam through the Internet.

¨    heavenly religions.

¨     Gospel of Barnabas.


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