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Course: English 102

Course title: (pre-Intermediate course) for Computer and Engineering specialized students.

Credit hours: 6

Contact hours: 6

Prerequisite: N/A

Textbooks: Enterprise 2 by Virginia Evans& Jenny Dooley

Course description

This an intermediate level general English course that assumes the students have a reasonable level of English in their previous studies. The course provides students with extensive, systematic and well-integrated practice in the productive and receptive skills necessary for successful communication in both oral and written forms of the language. The course embodies a multi-syllabus approach and a wide variety of presentation methodology. Emphasis on systematic learning of grammar and vocabulary is balanced with development of linguistic sub-skills. The course ensures the coverage of common and useful language related to topics of general interest with which students should be familiar. Particular emphasis is placed on reading, with texts on factual topics, reflecting authentic types and styles of writing. These texts allow students to develop sub-skills such as reading for gist or for specific information, and present new vocabulary in a meaningful context. On completion of the course students should be reasonably proficient in all language skills and components.


Two midterm exams weighing 50 marks and a Final exam weighing 50 marks


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